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The Top 10 Agility Mistakes in Business (which Agile Executives Avoid)

Mistake #1:

Moving Too Slow

Mistake  #2:

Tolerating Chronic Chaos

Mistake #3:

Excusing Excuses

Mistake #4:

Patience  with Personal Productivity

Mistake #5:

Minimizing Meetings

Mistake #6:

Going Open Loop

Mistake #7:

Avoiding Complexity

Mistake #8:

Being Half-Brained

Mistake #9:

Trusting Convention

Mistake #10:

Being Uncomfortable

Being Uncomfortable

Systemic Breakdowns



These mistakes add up to a systemic breakdown, resulting in wheel$pin, which can cost us a fortune. To learn the solutions to these mistakes, see an overview and download a white-paper, visit The Top 10 Agility Mistakes in Business (Which Agile Executives Avoid).

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