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Starting Small But Dreaming Big

Editor’s note: In our Voice of Small Business series, we highlight a handful of the more than 19,000 business leaders that represent the best of the Vistage community.

Nikki Barua, CEO of award-winning digital agency BeyondCurious, recalls the humble beginnings of her growing innovation agency.

“We had no clients, no capital, no team and no office space,” said Nikki.

But in less than three years since 2011, BeyondCurious took off like a skyrocket, with an astonishing 500 percent annual growth rate.

Of course there was the hard work, hunger and good business practices that contributed to the agency’s tremendous growth, but Nikki points out that it was her grand vision that drove the agency on the pathway to success.

“Now we have a blue chip client list, we work with the greatest brands and won many industry awards for what we have achieved with our clients,” said Nikki. “The kind of impact we created is unlike anything out there.”

It’s okay to dream big, but the key to making those plans a reality is to have the courage to follow up with an actionable plan that supports your conviction, according to Nikki.

“My biggest advice to people who want to become great leaders is to have conviction and courage, ” she said. “That’s where Vistage played a huge role in shaping me to the leader I am today.”

Through the meetings she had with her fellow Vistage members, Nikki said she was held accountable for the plans she had in place for her agency. Through the monthly meetings, she said she found the support and courage she needed to act upon her goals.

“I had a big vision and a clear plan that was about following through to make that possible,” added Nikki. “The biggest impact Vistage had was holding me accountable for making a tangible impact on my business growth, profitability and the health of my business.”

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