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Over-Whelmed or Under-Organized?

The majority of managers, executives, CEOs, teams and organizations are getting increasingly overwhelmed these days. The accelerating speed of business, pace of change and unprecedented volatility, uncertainty and turbulence of things leave them feeling buried, swamped and barely keeping their heads above water.  You probably hear them actually saying the words, “I am overwhelmed” or translations for that (“I didn’t have time”, “I couldn’t get to it”,” I’m spread too thin”, “I don’t have the resources” etc etc etc).  You probably say it or feel it yourself as well sometimes, or maybe frequently.  I know I do at times and I suspect everybody does.  It comes about because of the agility gap, which we need to close.

So I like to ask people, “are you over-whelmed or under-organized?”

That’s because, in my experience, the majority are getting increasingly overwhelmed because they are not getting increasingly organized for agility. As a result they experience a widening agility gap and the chronic chaos, crises management and overwhelm which results.  There is a minority who are getting increasingly organized for agility.  What separates the minority from the majority?

Do you want to join the minority who are getting increasingly organized for agility? Here are some steps you can take:

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