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The impact of ESOPs: Employee engagement & corporate culture

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An ESOP can help provide a solution to one of the most difficult challenges faced by all kinds of businesses: aligning the goals and incentives of the employees with those of the company, the owner, and the management team.

In this session, you will learn that an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is more than just a tax-efficient exit strategy for a business owner. An ESOP can also act as a way to enhance corporate culture, foster an atmosphere of engagement, and reward hard-working employees with an additional retirement benefit. They can also be a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining talent.

This presentation covers the different ways an ESOP can benefit the owner, the employees, and the company itself. It also reviews what qualities in a company and owner often make for a good ESOP candidate; provides an overview of the ESOP transaction process; and outlines the role of the ESOP trustee.

This webinar’s intended audience includes business owners, C-suite executives, and other decision makers within the company.


Keith Apton, Managing Director – Wealth Management, UBS

Keith Apton has over 19 years of financial services industry experience with an extensive background in corporate finance. As the founding partner of The Capital ESOP Group at UBS, he leverages the resources of the firm to assist his clients and their families in creating personalized financial solutions. Keith has a disciplined approach to help small-to-middle market business owners with sell-side solutions and post-sale financial planning, including wealth management and tax and estate planning strategies. Keith is an author and heads a national practice partnering with financial advisors on Internal Revenue Code §1042 rollovers.

Nick Francia, Managing Director – Wealth Management, UBS

Nick Francia joined UBS in 2011. As a managing partner of The Capital ESOP Group, Nick focuses on educating business owners on different tax-efficient monetization strategies, empowering them to make informed decisions. Nick also creates tailored cash flow models comparing the taxable sale of privately held businesses to a §1042 tax-deferred sale to an ESOP.

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