Exclusive Webinar: How to Sell to Small Businesses

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Are you in the business of selling products and/or services to small business leaders? And if not — are you trying to be?

Vistage Connect is pleased to announce an exclusive, upcoming webinar designed to help you do just that. “How Small Business Owners Buy” will be held on Wednesday, February 8, right here at Vistage Connect — and only at Vistage Connect.

When’s the best time to sell to small business owners and leaders? When are you most likely to catch them on the phone? What types of offers and discounts are they most likely to go for? And what media do they prefer?

These aren’t abstract questions — data exists that can help you answer them effectively, and in a way that’ll boost your selling power. And that’s also the kind of info that can power-up your sales strategy significantly.

Register today and learn HOW and WHY small business owners buy, and WHAT they buy. This is an hour-long webinar that’ll give you knowledgeable, hands-on insights and expertise into how to immediately grow your business by selling better.

Small business marketing expert Molly Maycock will be your guide, sharing her own proprietary research into what you can do today to maximize your small business sales and marketing effectiveness.

Marketing and Selling to Small Businesses: How Small Business Owners Buy

Speaker: Molly Maycock

Date: Wednesday, February 8

Time: 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time

Register here.

About The Speaker

Molly Maycock is Executive Director of the Sales, Marketing and Communications Practice of the Corporate Executive Board, which provides research, insights and best practices to its membership of senior sales and marketing executives. Among her responsibilities, Molly oversees the Enterprise Council on Small Business, which helps companies more effectively target, attract and retain small business customers.

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