Economist Beaulieu on Volatile Markets: “Opportunity and Optimism”

Alan Beaulieu Trend Research ITRPodcast summary (scroll down for podcast):

Recent market volatility

•    The political environment is creating fear and “noise” that is influencing the short-term direction of the markets.

•    However, the majority of leading indicators for 2012 and into 2013 are trending upwards, indicating a reason for optimism going forward.

International business trends

•    The “hotspots” for investment – Brazil, India, Australia, and Canada – afford investment opportunities (and potential pitfalls) to watch closely.

•    Despite public perception, China’s growing inflation and social unrest will likely lead to China becoming more nationalistic as opposed to a global economic superpower.

Actions executives can take today

•    Watch for employee burnout and incentivize employees;

•    Invest now for the long term – borrow as much as you can to have cash on hand before inflationary pressure causes barriers; and

•    Invest in growing and marketing your business, including improving customer service, to create your competitive advantage.

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