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  • Invitation to Innovate

    Invitation to Innovate

    Innovation is hardly a new term. Dating back as early as the 15th century, innovation comes from the Latin innovationem, noun of action from innovare, and means “to renew or change”. It seems the best-kept secret of today’s top businesses is how they create an atmosphere that promotes and cultivates innovation. According to John Kotter, Innovation does

  • Forecasting Innovation: Observe and Measure for Future Success

    Forecasting Innovation: Observe and Measure for Future Success

    When creating and forecasting innovation, it is vital to set metric goals and track these metrics. One of Robert’s Rules of Innovation, Observe and Measure, in terms of the performance of the program implementation, needs to be built-in as a critical and recurring element.   Though many companies measure past innovation by studying lagging indicators,

  • Accountability Supports Sustainable Innovation

    Accountability Supports Sustainable Innovation

    Without risk there can be no innovation, but what happens when success is finally achieved?  In order to have sustainable innovation,  it must be driven by a structured management approach that strives for accountability, invention, and re-invention. Back in December, Innovation Enterprise held a Chief Innovation Officer Summit in New York City. One of the best discussions was

  • Reframing Your Innovation Strategy in 2014

    Reframing Your Innovation Strategy in 2014

    Innovation “strategy” is no longer king. In today’s business world, uncertainty is virtually inescapable. It goes without saying that without risk, there can be no innovation. However, today’s climate requires that business leaders and innovation champions reframe how they approach innovation. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “If I had an hour to solve a

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