John O'Leary

In 1987, John was a curious nine-year-old boy. Playingwith fire and gasoline, John created a massive explosion
in his home and was burned on 98% of his body. He was
given one percent chance to survive.
John’s experience, previously kept private, was
showcased when his parents wrote the book,
Overwhelming Odds, to share with family and friends as
a thank you for their support during this journey. The
book led to organizations around the world requesting
to hear first-hand from John how he defied the odds. A
movement began.
John, recognizing his calling to be a change agent of hope
and overcoming adversity, continues to ignite life – and
the world around him - with possibility.
John is consistently given industry-defying gold
stars across the board for his emotional storytelling,
genuine humor and ability to empower his audiences
to take back their lives and change their world. John
intimately illustrates how the greatest challenges can be
transformed into outstanding growth. His presentations
are described as “captivating, amazing and life-changing.”
John was honored with the Members’ Choice Speaker
Award, 2011 from Vistage International.
John is a business owner, writer, international speaker,
husband and father of four. Every year, John shares
his message with more than 120 organizations in
healthcare, sales, marketing, financial services, education
and safety. John provides keynote presentations, breakout
sessions, half, full-day and online workshops and
weekend retreats.