Dwight Frindt

  • Running at the Speed of Crazy

    Running at the Speed of Crazy

    There is no doubt that our cultural bias has become, “faster is better.” It doesn’t matter who I talk to, everyone seems to be multi-tasking, going as fast as they can, and desperately looking for tools, tips, tricks and techniques to move even faster. There is also a cultural bias to be a “doer.” The

  • The Organizational Cost of ‘Deferred Maintenance’

    In a recent Vistage group meeting, one of my members brought up the issue of “deferred maintenance.” His well run firm underwent very severe cutbacks during the recession and is only now beginning to experience a recovery. He was referring to physical plant equipment and also a much broader issue – the fact that there

  • Leadership in Two Worlds: For-Profit and Non-Profit

    When members of our society organize to accomplish goals, they typically choose between two major domains – the “For-Profit” and the “Not-for-Profit” worlds. We tend to believe each of these worlds is very different and “ne’er the twain shall meet.” Is this division useful and valuable or limiting and restrictive for a vast number of

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