Craig Klein

Craig Klein brings his engineering training and his sales management experience together to build measurable, consistent sales processes for his clients. As CEO of online CRM and Email Marketing company,, Craig works with small startups and Fortune 500s to create systems that give sales people more time to sell and more leads to sell to while giving management the accountability that is so elusive in sales. Craig spent 10 years selling multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts to energy companies such as ExxonMobil, BP, Shell and Chevron. The long, complex selling environment within these energy behemoths gives Craig a keen sense of the risk of mis-allocated sales time. Craig has developed lead acquisition and selling systems for major financial firms like Wachovia and Bank of America.  Craig's superior ability to discern a business owner's goals, challenges and needs stems from his strong belief that listening skills are far more valuable than speaking skills. Craig has written many books and articles on sales, lead acquisition and nurturing and entrepreneurship. His blog, Sell, Sell, Sell! has provided advice and insight to thousands of readers.