Balaji Krishnamurthy

Dr. Balaji Krishnamurthy has been recognized by Time, CNN, Wall Street Journal and other national publications for his unique and innovative style of corporate leadership. Time magazine included him in their list of 25 Global Business Influentials for his influence on corporate leadership. Unlike most consultants, he is an operating executive with 30 years of experience as a corporate leader in large and small corporations, during which he has personally modeled his innovative leadership principles.  
As President and CEO of Planar Systems from 1999 to 2005, he led the company’s transformation with annual sales more than doubling under his watch, to $256 million. With a strong track record, Balaji earned his stripes running 15 different businesses ranging from $1B to $1M in revenue. At the laboratories of Tektronix and General Electric Co., Balaji had established himself as a world-recognized researcher in various computer and electrical engineering fields of study.
Balaji is currently the founder and principal of LogiStyle, a consulting company that offers workshops on leadership and corporate culture, helping corporations develop logical leadership. Balaji frequently speaks at national events on stewardship and transparency in corporate cultures.