Andrew Bielat

Bielat earned a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and in his early years as a professional was fast-tracked to senior leadership positions within the food, nuclear power and steel industries.  He realized his entrepreneurial ambitions in 1997 when he founded a business advisory firm, Pilot Advisors. The firm quickly developed clients in major industries such as commercial nuclear power, manufacturing, food and high tech.  In 2012 he founded Profit Hawk (formerly EIS Analytics) to satisfy his clients’ need for new, more effective decision-making tools. Profit Hawk is a cloud-based, award-winning, patents-pending software system for optimizing company profits.

As an executive coach and a performance advisor, he has combined leadership skills with engineering discipline to build thriving enterprises. He and his team have served clients including Fortune 500 companies, family-owned businesses and a variety of government agencies. He also has been engaged by more than 60 organizations as a speaker and trainer reaching thousands of individuals across the country. Bielat recently joined with leadership advisor and profit optimization expert Gene Bryan to coauthor a new book, “The BestPossible Enterprise: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Profits.