Vistage Chair Roger Zingle launches Pittsburgh’s newest chief executive group

San Diego, December 9, 2014— Vistage Regional Executive Lisa Sable recently announced that Chair Roger Zingle has launched a new chief executive group in the Pittsburgh market. Zingle is part of a community of nine local Chairs, and more than 400 worldwide, whose groups of CEOs, executives, and business owners meet monthly to process pressing business issues and opportunities. In his new group, Zingle will lead the discussion while holding members accountable for following through and taking action. More than 160 Pittsburgh-area executives, business owners and CEOs – as well as 21,000 members around the world – rely on Vistage Private Advisory Boards to get the most out of their businesses.

Vistage Best Practice Chair Dick Singer applauded his success: “Roger has been laser focused on launching this group since he returned from training and now his hard work is paying off. Roger brings a high-powered executive background in the restaurant industry to his Chair practice. His background, experience, and people skills will serve his CE group well as they begin their Vistage journey.”

Roger Zingle has over thirty years’ experience in corporate management, including CEO and COO positions. He has been both a franchisor and franchisee and has served with several Board of Director groups. He has worked with private equity ownership, family owned businesses and publically held companies. He had led strategic planning sessions, the re-branding of concepts and turn-around efforts. He has significant experience in marketing, purchasing, building of competent organizations and the establishment of strong company cultures.

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