Kurt Graves launching new Vistage group for Charlotte business leaders

 Charlotte, NC (October 20, 2020) — Vistage Chair Kurt Graves is launching a Vistage group for business leaders in Charlotte’s Historic West End, NODA, and Plaza Midwood business districts. The Vistage group is funded through the City of Charlotte’s Small Business Partner Support Grant which provides grants to organizations supporting small businesses as they navigate COVID-19.

Group members will have access to bi-weekly peer advisory group meetings and executive coaching sessions, as well as a variety of expert speakers, to help them continue to propel growth in local businesses. The West End area is a historically African American community that is grappling with how to balance development while maintaining the area’s culture, historical identity and long-time residents. Business leaders in the West End came together with peers in the Plaza Midwood and NODA business districts to discover solutions to their common challenges.

As Graves explained, “I lead several Vistage groups, but this group in particular feels really meaningful. I feel truly lucky to be able to partner with these business leaders to spur growth in these neighborhoods and create a more inclusive future.”

Founded in 1957, Vistage brings together high-performing CEOs through a proven leadership experience that delivers results both personally and professionally. When leaders come together in their confidential monthly Vistage private advisory board meetings, they gain the perspective, clarity and support to help them become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth. More than 23,000 Vistage members worldwide also have access to expert speakers, personalized coaching sessions, and international networking.

J’Tanya Adams is founder and program director of Historic West End Partners, a non-profit which promotes economic growth and revitalization. She said, “The Historic West End is home to some of the city’s oldest African American neighborhoods, legacy small businesses and iconic civic contributors. We see tremendous possibility for  diversifying our cultural and service portfolio  and believe this opportunity for local business leaders to join Vistage will help us achieve lift off.”

Hollis Nixon, Former President of the NoDa Neighborhood and Business Association and Owner of Core Concrete said, “NoDa is focused on encouraging diversity and promoting culturally enriching events for the neighborhood. We are thrilled that NoDa business leaders will be able to participate in this leadership development opportunity to grow their businesses and in turn help the neighborhood continue to thrive.”

Clifton Castelloe, President of Plaza Midwood Merchants said, “We strive to create more synergy and cooperation among the businesses along the Central Avenue corridor. We believe strongly, and have proven, that we can accomplish great things when we work together. We look forward to leveraging this opportunity to continue to grow while preserving the rich diversity, soul and character of Plaza Midwood.”

Kurt Graves is a Vistage Chair with multiple peer advisory groups in the Charlotte area. Prior to Vistage, he held the position of CEO for the U.S. ceramic tile operations of Organización Corona, headquartered in Bogota, Colombia. He has also held positions as a COO, Controller, CPA and entrepreneur.

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