Houston Vistage Chair Fredricka Brecht Receives 2013 Nourse Chair of the Year Award

San Diego, CA (May 21, 2014)—Houston Chair Fredricka Brecht has been named the 2013 Nourse (Chair of the Year) Award winner. The award was presented by Vistage Regional Executive Brant Houston on May 14, 2014 following the Vistage Executive Summit in Houston. The Nourse (Chair of the Year) Award is presented annually to a tenured Chair who embodies the qualities and attributes of Vistage in performance, engagement and service, while also providing exceptional value to his or her members.

“Fred consistently demonstrates the great impact a high performing Chair can make for both members and the Vistage community,” said Larry Hawks, EVP of Field Operations at Vistage. “Her passion for the important work Chairs do, expertise, and positive attitude is appreciated by all who have the opportunity to work closely with her. Fred’s focus on helping to make her many members and fellow Chairs successful is a great example of how to lead a thriving Chair practice that also benefits our broader community. She is quick to help other Chairs be successful whenever the opportunity arises.”

A Chair since 1999, Fredricka leads three Vistage groups in the Houston area. Fredricka also earned the Chair Excellence, Master Chair, and Star awards for 2013. This past year, she committed countless hours of service in support of the International Chair and Member Conference. Her efforts aided in the resounding success of the conference and helped ensure all that attended felt some genuine “Texas hospitality.”

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