Bay Area Vistage Best Practice Chair Bill Oyler Receives 2013 Cope Award

San Diego, CA (May 21, 2014)—On May 15, following the Vistage Executive Summit hosted in San Francisco, Vistage Chief Executive Officer Leon Shapiro announced the winner of the 2013 Don Cope Memorial Award. As a Chair of 22 years, and Best Practice Chair for three Chair groups in both California and Colorado, Bill Oyler became the 26th recipient of the prestigious award.

The Cope Award was established in 1986 and is named in memory of longtime Chair Don Cope. The recipient is selected from the highest performing nominees worldwide and the award acknowledges the Chair or former Chair who has made the greatest lasting contribution to the Vistage mission and values in word and deed.

Bill Oyler was selected from the worldwide Vistage community of nearly 800 Chairs, including several very accomplished international nominees. His contributions this year were considered the finest example of selfless devotion to the community in the face of extraordinary and unprecedented challenges.

The award presentation was made during a meeting of more than 20 San Francisco area Chairs. While presenting the award to Bill, Vistage CEO Leon Shapiro said, “This is a Chair who I know as humble, impactful, a real leader, a supporter of the community, and brings the full package of everything that epitomizes Chairing.”

Leon went on to say that Bill was a thoughtful contributor whose insight helps the community to get to a better place. Bill was speechless as he received the award.

“When I first met Bill more than 12 years ago,” said Larry Hawks, EVP of Field Operations, “I immediately sensed he was a special leader in our community. Bill is truly deserving of this worldwide recognition as he joins an esteemed group of past Cope Award recipients. In his many roles over the years, he has always lived our values in every way possible. We are all fortunate to have Bill as an amazing leader impacting the success of Chairs, members, and others across our community. Bill is respected and appreciated for always leading by example and inspiring those who have the opportunity to work with him.”

In 2013, Bill served three different Vistage Chair Groups as their BPC representing 56 Chairs in two separate geographic locations. Each of these three VCGs demonstrated exceptional growth and retention rates for the year. Additionally, he was a key influencer and leading role model as Vistage sought to change to a regional structure and strategy. Since beginning his Vistage career in 1992, he has Chaired two CE groups, a Key group, a TA group and, since 2001, has been the Best Practice Chair for ten separate VCGs.

Prior to joining Vistage, Bill was the CEO of a Leesburg, Va.-based petroleum distribution center. He’d previously served as associate director of the 6,000-member American Society of Landscape Architects, a U.S. Air Force pilot and operations officer, and an accountant. He holds degrees from the Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Commonwealth University – School of Business, and American University.

Bill will be presented with the Cope blue jacket at the Cope Award dinner held in his honor later this year.

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