One-to-One Business Coaching

Leadership coaching from CEOs with real-world experience.

As the world’s largest network of CEOs and business owners, Vistage also has the best leadership coaches in the world. As a member, you have access to your own personal executive mentor (Chair). 

Chairs guide group discussions using a proven framework for processing issues and keeping discussions focused, productive and efficient. Your Chair also meets with you for one-to-one executive coaching to dive deeper into your challenges and opportunities.

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At the heart of what makes the Vistage experience so powerful and so effective for so many members are our expert executive coaches, known as Chairs.

Our Chairs aren’t your average executive coach. While anyone can become an executive coach, not everyone can become a Vistage Chair.

How do we find the best leadership coaches?

We recruit actively from around the globe, and have high standards and qualifications for who makes the cut. Our coaches are seasoned senior leaders who have spent decades as chief decision-makers for small or medium-sized businesses.

They know what it takes to lead leaders and how to top executives reach a whole new level of success — because they’ve been there too.

Our Chairs are hand-selected through a rigorous recruiting process and spend several months learning, practicing, and honing Vistage’s proven, time-honored approach to coaching.

This unique model has helped leaders succeed for more than 60 years. All of our Chairs are trained in our proprietary method during an extensive leadership academy.

What makes a Chair qualified to teach you and your group?

  • Our Chairs are former CEOs, business owners or senior executives responsible for P&L of over $5 million 
  • They have strong business acumen, communication skills and high EQ 
  • They have presence, confidence, maturity and assertiveness 
  • They’re exceptional connectors and networkers 
  • They possess a passion for mentoring others

How your Chair leads your Vistage Group

The Vistage experience is two-fold: Part of it revolves around your group of trusted peers, and the other part is just between you and your Chair.

Part One: Peer group coaching meeting

Vistage works with you to place you in a group of other high-caliber business leaders from non-competing industries. Each month, your Chair facilitates candid, confidential roundtable discussions with the group around the most pressing business and leadership decisions. 

In these meetings, Chairs:

  • Ask the difficult questions to motivate high-impact decisions. 
  • Become agents of influence to help members push their businesses forward. 
  • Frame issues to inspire robust discussions and critical thinking. 
  • Facilitate collaboration to help members map out plans of action.

Between monthly group meetings, Chairs meet one-on-one with each member to provide guidance tailored to their unique challenges. Together they identify important topics and decide which issues to bring to the next meeting, where the group will help map out a plan of action.

Part Two: One-to-One Coaching

You’ll also meet with your Chair for one-to-one coaching sessions where you can share your biggest challenges and explore your greatest opportunities. All topics are fair game — both personal and professional — as your leadership journey is impacted by all aspects of your life. Your Chair acts as a guide, a mentor, a coach, an ally and a trusted confidant, committed to helping you achieve your greatest success in business and in life.

What Vistage Members say about their Chairs

Don Garman

Founder & CIO, Mirador Capital Partners

Vistage has been great for my business whch has doubled in the last four years as a result of the care, concern and advice of the team and because of the deeper dives that one-to-ones provide. The level of candid feedback, while not always easy to hear, is invaluable.

Boyd Ober

President & CEO, Leadership Resources

The peer-to-peer interaction gives me an opportunity to gain insight from leaders who have lived it and to receive critical validation on the strategies driving our business. The coaching aspect of Vistage rounds out the experience by providing that essential one-to-one interaction that allows me to dig deep into our business and my own leadership.

David Clayman

CEO, Twelve Points Wealth Management

Having my Vistage network as my monthly board of directors has been invaluable as I navigate my first few years as a CEO. Also, the one-to-one meetings I have with my Chair provide experience and insight from a real-world perspective — much more valuable than any book I could read for tips

Take your success to a new level. Join a powerful community of high-caliber executives who challenge each other, inspire each other and share their perspectives to help each other make better decisions, become leaders and achieve better results.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of one-on-one coaching?

One-to-one coaching sessions allow you to share your biggest challenges and explore your greatest opportunities. All topics are fair game — both personal and professional — as your leadership journey is impacted by all aspects of your life. Your Chair acts as a guide, mentor, coach, ally and trusted confidant who is committed to helping you achieve your greatest success in business and life.

What are examples of how Vistage members have used one-on-one coaching sessions?

All topics are fair game in one-to-one coaching sessions, as your leadership journey is impacted by all aspects of your life. Maybe your personal life is demanding more attention now and you need to learn how to manage work/life balance. Maybe one aspect of your business has become all-consuming and you want to find a better way to manage it. The one-to-one coaching aspect of your Vistage experience provides that essential interaction that allows you to dig deep into any issue that is affecting you as a leader.

What can I expect from one-on-one coaching?

You can expect a minimum of two hours of dedicated time spent with your Vistage Chair (an accomplished business leader who is also an experienced executive mentor). During this private, one-to-one session, your Chair will help you clarify the issues that you most want to address during the next group meeting. He or she will provide resources, support, insights and fresh perspectives that will help you face your greatest challenges and opportunities. The relationship you develop with your Chair is a cornerstone of the Vistage experience.

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