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Become a Vistage speaker: Overview

Speaking to the Vistage community is your opportunity to share your insights with small- and midsize-business leaders in an intimate group setting. Our members, more than 23,000 worldwide, meet on a monthly basis in groups of 12 to 16. Share your expertise with these groups to help our members use your inspiration and shared knowledge to make great decisions that benefit their companies, families and communities.


You have a specialized skill or capability in which you are considered an expert in the field.

You know the C-suite and how your expertise can help them make better decisions.

A dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator who can connect with an executive audience.

Comfortable challenging and being challenged by CEOs and senior executives.

Excited to forge relationships with our global community of 23,000 members.

You’re in elite company

Professional development expert Merit Gest debunks the myth about employee turnover.

John Goodman, author of Customer Experience 3.0, unpacks what goes into creating a world-class proactive customer service model.

Conflict management expert Edgar Papke outlines a strategy for conducting difficult conversations to smooth rocky employee relationships.

As a Vistage speaker, you make an impact

Dean Minuto
Vistage speaker
Sales coach

“I think Vistage is the best-kept secret in American business. If a speaker has something to contribute, it is an incredible opportunity. But you have to be willing and able to bring the same A-game to an audience of five that you would to an audience of 5,000.”

Brandie Park
Vistage member
President, Aurora Group Inc.

“Our monthly speakers have been an integral part of growing my organization. I’m able to bring key stakeholders from my company into monthly meetings for continuing education at no additional cost. I get inspired every time I even mention Vistage.”

Stanley Wyner
Vistage Chair

“After hearing several Vistage speakers tell of the value of healthy activities and meditation, my member made time every day to follow the recommendations. She has also significantly improved her company’s financial performance by using the financial ratio analysis tool developed by the Mindful Finance team who spoke to our group.”

Become a Vistage speaker

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