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CEO Coaching: Moving from a life of success to a life of significance.

As a Vistage Chair, you serve as a mentor to CEOs, business owners and senior executives in your community, helping them navigate their biggest challenges so they can reach that next level of success.

Our Chairs are a hand-selected, elite group of advisors. Each one has achieved peak levels of success in their own careers. They share a desire to use their business acumen and leadership experiences to help today’s top executives on their paths to personal and professional excellence.

The life of a Vistage Chair is an opportunity to create an impact that ripples from the C-Suite, through company ranks and into your community.

What does a Vistage Chair do?

As a Chair, you facilitate a confidential peer group meeting each month with 12-16 executives from non-competing industries. In these meetings, members discuss their most pressing issues and opportunities, gathering insights from those who’ve tackled similar situations.

Between group meetings, you connect one to one with each member to provide guidance tailored to their unique challenges. Vistage gives you a time-tested model that delivers proven results.

It’s meaningful, financially rewarding work. On your own schedule.

The benefits of a Vistage Chair Practice

You have maximum impact on today’s small and midsize businesses. You’re provided a proven model that has withstood the test of time since 1957. Our peer group method has driven our members to outperform their competition through boom markets and recession. Today, more than 23,000 executives worldwide trust Vistage to help them make better decisions.

You can generate a recurring revenue with long-term relationships with members. We’re in a fast-growing industry with steady demand. Vistage chief executive members typically receive such value that they stay more than 5 years on average. There’s no limit on the number of groups you can launch.

You have control over your time and travel. As an independent contractor, you can build a practice that gives you flexibility and suits your schedule. Choose the number of hours a week or month that you want to work. Travel is minimal as your monthly meetings and one-to-ones are all local.

“I help people become better business leaders—and business leaders become better people—who run better companies and make a more significant difference in the world.”

— Philip R. Liebman
Vistage Chair since 2005

Vistage partners in your success to a degree no other organization can rival.

Accelerate your launch with a prescriptive pathway to build and manage your practice.

Prepare for the role with an intensive learning and development program.

Get back-office support for billing, collections, systems and member support services.

Connect to a community of 1,000 high-integrity Chairs dedicated to lifelong learning.

What does having a Vistage Chair mean for a member?

Vistage members benefit from a business leader and mentor who is proven, experienced and unbiased – someone dedicated to serving their best interest. Vistage CEO Coaches (Chairs) are committed to their own continual learning and development, to ensure they proactively provide the most leading-edge tools, resources and knowledge for the growth of each member’s business. The relationship Vistage members build with their Chair is a game-changer, professionally and personally.

Vistage CEO Chairs—more than 1,000 worldwide—help today’s top leaders reach their next level of success.

“My Chair and group have helped me in countless ways. They hold me accountable, act as my external board of directors challenging my thinking, and have helped me achieve 20x growth rate of our company since I joined.”

Armond Dinverno, Vistage Member

Armond A. Dinverno
President, Balasa Dinverno Foltz LLC
Member since 1999

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