Vistage Milestones

Throughout our rich 57-year history there have been many noteworthy milestones, from our explosive Membership growth to our worldwide expansion and introduction of new programs and services.

2015 Vistage reaches 20,000 members and 900 Chairs in 16 countries
2012 Vistage has 16,000 Members in 15 countries worldwide.  Vistage acquired by TowerBrook Capital and  Education Growth Partners
2011 Vistage Inside formalized
2010 TEC Michigan becomes Vistage Michigan
2009 TEC Florida becomes Vistage Florida
2008 TEC Asia rebrands to Vistage Malaysia, joining Vistage UK/Ireland, Vistage Mexico, Vistage Argentina, Vistage Brazil, Vistage Chile, and Vistage South Africa
2007 Membership exceeds 14,000. Descriptor updated: World’s leading chief executive organization. Vistage celebrates its 50th anniversary with Global Conference. Vistage China founded.
2006 TEC is re-branded as Vistage International and reaches 13,000 Members worldwide
2005 TEC reaches 12,000 Members worldwide; TEC Australia reaches 1,000 Members
2004 TEC reaches 10,000 Members worldwide; TEC UK and TEC Canada reach 500 Members each
2003 TEC acquires the rights to Dallas; TEC Wisconsin/Michigan and TEC Florida reach 500 Members each; MyTEC website is launched (now My Vistage)
2000 Thomson Learning becomes substantial shareholder in TEC
1999 TEC reaches 7,000 Members; TEC UK acquired by TEC
1998 Knowledge Universe acquires TEC; TEC Online website is launched; TEC reaches 6,000 Members
1997 40th anniversary of TEC; 5,000 Members in 470 TEC groups; 750 Members in 70 Key Executive Program groups; TEC South Africa is launched
1996 TEC Brazil is founded
1992 TEC Associate Program is launched; TEC reaches 3,000 Members
1991 TEC California acquires rights to all of U.S. except Florida, Dallas and Wisconsin/Michigan
1990 100th Chair is engaged by TEC
1989 TEC UK founded
1988 TEC reaches 1,000 Members
1987 30th anniversary of TEC; 650 Members in 84 groups in 17 states and 3 countries; TEC introduces Key Executive Program
1986 TEC Canada, TEC Australia and Key Program are founded
1978 TEC headquarters moves to San Diego
1977 20th anniversary of TEC; 245 Members in 23 groups, including Texas and New Mexico
1968 TEC California founded by Fred Chaney and Bill Hall
1957 The Executive Committee (TEC) founded by Robert Nourse in Milwaukee