For Over Half a Century, Vistage has Helped CEOs and Companies Improve and Grow


It all began with a group. One fall morning in 1957, Wisconsin businessman Robert Nourse sat down with fellow chief executives to test something profound: peer advisory groups, sharing experiences, could help one another improve performance for their businesses. (Robert Nourse – bottom row, 2nd from left)
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Our Peer Advisory Groups Meet Throughout the World


Fifty-eight years later, more than 21,000 members meet in small groups to help each other gain new perspectives and achieve excellent results. From Singapore to South Africa, our members are living proof of the power of peer advisory groups.

Vistage Groups Deliver Extraordinary Results


The average tenure for a Vistage member in a Chief Executive Group is about 7 years. Leaders who join Vistage, not just an executive coaching company, stay with their Vistage groups because of the personal and business results their group and their Chair help them achieve.