(July/August 2016) L & D Best Practices: Strategies for Success | Training Magazine

Vistage Chief Human Resources Officer Michael Molina shares how peer advantage is the secret to employee engagement. Learn more.

(6/19/16) Networking like a CEO with Leon Shapiro and Ed Fulbright Mastering Your Money Radio

In this podcast with Ed Fulbright on Mastering Your Money Radio, Leon Shapiro discusses the Power of Peers and shares how important it isto have a solid network of successful people around you to help you not justadvance in your career, but in life. Listen now

(6/13/16) 5 Keys to Peer Advantage and the Value of Learning How to Learn

Leo Bottary shares how surrounding yourself with your peers who hold you accountable will make you a better leader. Learn more

(6/7/16) Leo Bottary on Critical Mass Radio Show

Listen to Leo Bottary discuss The Power of Peers in this podcast. Listen now

(5/31/16) Finding CMO Peers in New Places

Vistage CMO Kathleen Delaney shares 7 steps to increase your chances of building a successful and impactful peer advisory group of your own. Read more

(5/18/16) WELE AM “Real Money with David Holland”

(5/11/16) Communication and Peer Advantage CommPro

Leo Bottary shares his ground rules for communication. Learn more

(4/12/16) Bring your people together to benefit from the synergy of the whole Investor’s Business Daily

Leo Bottary shares seven tips for how to bring a mastermind team together, including: Use resources, create a nurturing environment, employ servant leadership, take responsbility, know the game plan, seek feedback, and encourage candor. Read more

(3/22/16) Book Trib live chat with Leo Bottary and Leon Shapiro

To celebrate their book launch, authors Leo Bottary and Leon Shapiro sat down with BookTrib to talk through their reasons for writing The Power of Peers and what CEOs can gain from peer advantage. View the live chat now.

(3/20/16) Leo Bottary on the Power of Peer Advisory Groups: An interview by Bob Morris

In this interview with Bob Morris, Leo Bottary dives into the four ways that we engage with our peers: 1. Connect 2. Network 3. Optimize 4. Accelerate. Read more

(3/12/16) Texas Business Radio: Leo Bottary – The Power of Peers

Leo Bottary sits down with Vistage Chair Jay Curry and Vistage member Matt register to discuss the difference between peer influence and peer advantage. View now

(2/27/16) WHMP: Leo Bottary on Western Mass Business Show

Listen to Leo Bottary and Ira Bryck discuss how a peer group can help CEOs see their blind spots and hold one another accountable to implement solutions. Listen to the podcast

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