When Times Get Tough, the Smart Work Together

Vistage Worldwide partner TEC Canada celebrating 30 years of developing stronger Canadian leaders through peer advisory and mentorship

CALGARY, AB, February 1, 2016  –Many business professionals spend their lives working hard to climb the corporate ladder, only to reach the pinnacle and find that it can be difficult to know who to ask for advice. Where do top executives turn for mentorship and advice when they are expected to lead their organizations and have all the answers? Three decades ago, TEC Canada founder, Dr. Lynn Tanner, recognized this as problematic to the growth of these leaders, as well as to corporations, and so he found a solution.

“Leaders need a place to engage with their peers to seek answers, ask for advice and work together to find creative solutions to business problems,” said Dr. Tanner. “A group of accomplished professionals in a room together, receiving mentorship and offering support to one another, can produce brilliant results and push personal and professional boundaries.”

In an ever-changing economic landscape, there is a need for business leaders to constantly transform themselves and innovate in order to stay competitive and sustainable. When economic conditions shift downward, it is more important than ever for industry leaders to be agile and quick to find alternate means of conducting business. TEC Canada, an international partner of Vistage Worldwide works to develop, assist and mentor the type of leader who responds to business challenges thoughtfully and with decisiveness.

The old adage that two heads are better than one exists for a reason. TEC Canada believes that many of the right heads together in a room are exponentially better. This has proven to be profoundly true through over 30-years of practice by this member-based leadership development organization of over 1100 chief executives, entrepreneurs and business owners. These leaders, brought together through group meetings and offered support with one-on-one mentorship, expert speakers and a global connection to over 20,000 members, produce innovative solutions for their own and each other’s business challenges.

“Our country is in a position right now where the creative innovators will be rewarded,” said Dr.Tanner. “We are proud that many of our members are the folks who are working together to lead the way in finding new solutions and new opportunities.”

TEC Canada is proudly celebrating 30-years of growing and guiding Canada’s leaders and is looking to the future with optimism and excitement as they continue to welcome new members and expand their offerings and partnerships.

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