Vistage Chair Randy Welsch launches new executive coaching group for chief executives in Denver and Colorado Springs, CO

San Diego, January 14, 2021– Vistage Chair Randy Welsch recently launched a new chief executive group in the Denver and Colorado Springs, CO markets. Founded in 1957, Vistage brings together exclusive groups of high-performing CEOs through a proven leadership experience that delivers results both personally and professionally. When leaders come together in their confidential monthly Vistage private advisory board meetings, they gain the perspective, clarity and support to help them become better leaders and accelerate their company’s growth. More than 23,000 Vistage members worldwide have access to expert speakers, personalized coaching sessions and international networking.

Welsch said, “This diverse group of CEOs are ready to learn, and I am looking forward to supporting them as they navigate challenges and opportunities together.”

Welsch co-founded Jibu, which equips and capitalizes emerging market entrepreneurs to sell affordable drinking water to underserved urban communities using a franchise model. His past experience includes launching successful software and space industry businesses, C-suite executive management, significant non-profit work, professorships and extensive mentoring. He also is an impact investor with a broad international portfolio.

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