Vistage Chair Meredith Eicher adds new CEO advisory group to Baton Rouge business community

San Diego, January 12, 2015— Vistage Chair Meredith Eicher has announced the formation of the newest chief executive group in Baton Rouge, LA. Eicher will help her CEO group members get results using a proprietary issue processing method to tackle their most challenging business questions. More than 35 members in Baton Rouge, as well as 21,000 executives, business owners and CEOs around the world, rely on local area groups to get the most out of their businesses.

Vistage Regional Executive Brant Houston applauded her success: “In spite of challenges that may have derailed many of us, Meredith has displayed amazing determination to remain focused on her goal of building a select group of highly-qualified individuals. Meredith brings a depth of experience and a passion for the work that will provide her members with opportunities to create extraordinary value for themselves, their companies, their employees, and their families. Please join me in congratulating her. Congratulations, Meredith!”

Meredith Eicher is the founding partner of Phoenix Consulting Group, LLC, an 18 year old firm providing financial, tax and business consultation services to multiple business and individuals. Eicher also is the sole owner of Meredith Eicher and Associates, providing mentoring and coaching in the areas of leadership, emotional intelligence, communication and teambuilding. She is a Political Science graduate of Louisiana State University with an additional 40 hours in accounting and business.

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