Vistage Chair Greg Otis launches new private advisory board for chief executives in Cincinnati

San Diego, January 26, 2015— Vistage Chair Greg Otis has recently launched a new chief executive group in the Cincinnati, OH market. The new Vistage members, joining a community of local CEOs, executives and business owners, will meet monthly to discuss business issues, share expertise, and provide one another confidential help to achieve their goals. Otis is part of a community of more than 400 Chairs worldwide who lead local area groups, which total more than 21,000 members in 19 countries.

Vistage Regional Executive Rob Knauer applauded his success: “Greg has shown great perseverance and commitment to the process of building his first Vistage group. Greg’s past experience as a Vistage member has aided him greatly as he has authentically relayed the professional and personal value that he gained through that experience. Greg maintains an openness to coaching and consistently conveys a strong “can do” attitude. These characteristics coupled with his business and Vistage member experience set a strong foundation for his Vistage practice. We warmly welcome Greg as the newest Great Lakes Region-Vistage Chair!”

Greg Otis is an architect, and has served as President, Market Director, and Global Business Development Director focusing on creating dynamic vision, strategy, operational effectiveness, and sustained growth in companies and urban communities. Greg is registered in 15 states specializing in organizational effectiveness and performance improvement through design. He has over 25 years’ experience facilitating business, institutional, and community planning. Greg received his Bachelors of Architecture from The University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Arts, and Planning.

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Founded in 1957, Vistage assembles and facilitates private advisory boards for CEOs, senior executives and business owners. Vistage members participate in monthly, Chair-led private advisory board meetings. More than 21,000 members in 16 countries also have access to one-to-one executive coaching, expert speakers, and our global network of business leaders.

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