New chief executive peer advisory group launched in Worcester, MA, by Vistage Chair Harry A. Pape

San Diego, April 6, 2015— Vistage Chair Harry A. Pape has announced the formation of the newest chief executive group for business owners and CEOs in Worcester, MA. As one of more than 400 Vistage Chairs in the US, Pape will help his group members get results using a proprietary issue processing method to tackle their most challenging business questions. More than 22,000 executives, business owners and CEOs around the world rely on local area groups to get the most out of their businesses.

Vistage Regional Executive Phillip Thomas applauded his success: “Harry, congratulations on an amazing effort to launch your group a month before your Marketing event. Amazing progress – and an amazing accomplishment. I fully expect you will be in double digits in no time, and launching another group by this summer. Welcome aboard!”

Harry most recently was the CEO of Windmill International, Inc. and is Principal of Stone Associates (now, Stone Advisory Services LLC). As a Vistage Chair, he is drawing upon his 25 years as the elected Town Moderator of Princeton, MA and Parliamentarian of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ (and past Moderator). His calm under fire and steady-going leadership style allow for applying his years of experience in diverse fields of endeavor to the challenges and opportunities facing today’s enterprise leaders . . . and a keen sense of humor doesn’t hurt either! He is a retired AF Colonel having last supported the Chief Information Officer of the US Air Force.

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