New chief executive peer advisory group launched in northern New Jersey by Vistage Chair Phyllis Calvano

San Diego, January 26, 2015— Vistage Chair Phyllis Calvano has announced the formation of the newest chief executive group in northern New Jersey. As one of more than 400 Vistage Chairs in the US, Calvano will help her group members get results using a proprietary issue processing method to tackle their most challenging business questions. More than 22,000 executives, business owners and CEOs around the world rely on local area groups to get the most out of their businesses.

Vistage Best Practice Chair Bob Duncan applauded her success: “Phyllis Calvano is a remarkable person. She brings a very successful business background to her new Chair practice along with a true desire to help other people. I have known Phyllis for years and I am quite certain that she has what it takes to be an outstanding Chair. Phyllis has tremendous interpersonal skills, a strong work ethic, a caring attitude for the wellbeing for others and a delightful sense of humor. Congratulations, Phyllis, for your dedication, hard work and commitment. Now the fun begins!”

Phyllis Calvano has a diverse and deep portfolio, holding many corporate finance and strategy positions from Business Manager/Executive Director to Controller, CFO and Vice-President of Strategy at the New York Times Company. She is a business strategist and finance visionary who successfully helped guide The New York Times Company through seismic market changes, and who created long-term business plans that became the blueprint for future business decisions. She is passionate about working with diverse teams – diverse in terms of experience and perspective – to solve business issues and deliver extraordinary results, with a proven track record of achieving these results in a collaborative team environment. Phyllis has a BBA in Accounting from Iona College and an MBA in Taxation from NYU. She is also a CPA in New York State.

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