New Managing Director Sees Big Opportunities Ahead For Peer Advisory Groups

SAN DIEGO – August 11, 2011  Effective August 8, Frank Lin became the new Managing Director for Vistage China.  Lin succeeds Ben Lan, who joined the company in July 2009 and, under whose leadership, Vistage China started operations in early 2010.   The announcement was made by Vistage International Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Rafael Pastor.

Our entire Vistage community is grateful for Ben’s tireless efforts in launching Vistage China.   We wish Ben well in his new endeavors, Pastor said.  As we begin the next phase of our growth in China, we are confident that Frank’s leadership and experience will be precisely what we need to advance to the next level of membership and visibility.

Lin added, It’s an honor to be part of this fine organization.  Peer advisory groups, or CEOs helping other CEOs in regularly scheduled, structured, private group meetings facilitated by an experienced and trained former CEO who acts as Chairperson or Chair, is a highly effective offering, especially in China where the future economy will no longer rely on marquee state-owned enterprises which populate the global Fortune 500, but on the millions of fast-growing Chinese SMEs.  As leading any successful business continues to become more complex, especially here in China where the speed of change is phenomenal, it’s easy to see how Vistage Chair-led CEO peer advisory groups can be an invaluable resource to China’s ever-growing SME community.  This business segment is essential to China’s long-term economic success, and its CEOs are ideally situated to leverage and share their managerial and leadership experiences through Vistage’s proprietary structured and monitored process.  Looking ahead, I am also excited to extend the Vistage process and program to up-and-coming Chinese business leaders and executives beyond CEOs, and in formats beyond the current CEO peer advisory group, because there is an extensive, underlying layer of Chinese business leaders who are clamoring to become better leaders and make better decisions.

Prior to joining Vistage, Lin spent more than six years in various capacities at Mercer Consulting, Greater China, including President of Mercer GC and Managing Director of Human Capital Consulting, GC.  He has more than twenty years experience working with multinational corporations in China (Motorola and Lucent Technologies), including eleven years as a management consultant, including working at Deloitte Consulting, China.

Lin holds an MBA from Fordham University/Beijing University and serves as Guest Professor for the International MBA program and Honorable Lecturer of the joint EMBA program, Shanghai Jiao Tong University  Euromed Management Ecole de Marseille.

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