Chicago business community welcomes Vistage Chair Ike Taylor’s new chief executive group

San Diego, January 12, 2015— Vistage Chair Ike Taylor has announced the formation of his newest chief executive group in Chicago, IL. As one of the 33 Chairs in the Chicago market, Ike will help his CEO group members get results using a proprietary issue processing method to tackle their most challenging business questions. More than 760 members in Chicago, as well as 21,000 executives, business owners and CEOs around the world, rely on local area groups to get the most out of their businesses.

Vistage Regional Executive Rob Knauer applauded his success: “As a past member, Ike is very familiar with, and speaks with authentic enthusiasm around, the value of Vistage membership. Ike was a participant in this year’s Project Join pilot and accepted the new approach with optimism and a clear commitment to success. Ike has consistently and graciously accepted feedback and coaching that has served him well in his work to launch his first Vistage group. We warmly welcome Ike into the Chicago Vistage Chair community!”

Ike Taylor is most recently owner and CEO of Central Lift Maintenance Group, a contracted heavy equipment maintenance company. Ike purchased the business in 2005 and grew it from $7 million in sales to $25 million in sales in 2013 with 25 locations across the country. He sold the business at the end of 2013. Prior to purchasing CLMG, Ike was President of his family’s business where he helped the company evolve from an entrepreneurial company to one that was a professionally managed $50 million company. Ike has a BA in Business Administration from the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana.

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