Member Success Story

David turned a clever travel product into a booming business.

Meet David Cabeau

Employees: 30
Region: Los Angeles
Industry: Manufacturing

Success with Vistage

  • Identified blind spots as a new CEO
  • Developed product line that appeals to wide range of customers
  • Became a major international player in the travel products industry

“As a CEO of a very quickly growing company, time is extremely valuable, and as the day quickly approaches, it becomes more and more stressful. I end up in the Vistage group, and in about five minutes realize it’s the best thing I could have done all month.”

– David Cabeau, CEO, Cabeau, Inc.

Before Vistage
Following a career as a professional basketball player in Israel, David had a stalled beginning with his first entrepreneurial venture. Nonetheless, he gambled on himself by starting Cabeau, Inc. in 2009. With this new company, David set out to create products that would make traveling a more comfortable experience, even for someone exceptionally tall like himself. His first and signature product was a travel pillow that improved upon the traditional U-shaped model.

David came to Vistage in 2011 looking for personal development and guidance in leading his business toward growth.

With Vistage
Vistage meetings allowed David the time to step back from the day-to-day demands of running his business and gain perspective. Based on advice from his peer advisory board, he was able to return to Cabeau full of fresh ideas to move the company toward maturity. For instance, he brought an exercise in considering the ways his business could be seriously damaged so that his company could better mitigate those risks.

David credits the advice he received at Vistage for his business weathering several major crises over the years. Cabeau has expanded at a rapid pace with continuing success by performing extensive market research and paying close attention to customers’ desires.

Today, Cabeau is in 111 countries. The company plans to continue building on its worldwide distribution, visibility and sales.