Member Success Story

Charles beat the drought with a millennial-friendly workplace.

Meet Charles Antis

Employees: 50-99
Region: Orange County
Industry: Construction

Success with Vistage

  • Formed an award-winning creative office space to fuel employee interest and imagination
  • Developed collaboration strategies to solve business challenges
  • Increased revenues from $3.5-4 million to $12 million

“A lot of the benefit I get at Vistage is getting my attention in an interesting way with an impactful speaker and discussion afterwards. Multiple people in my group are experimenting with it so we all get to have some successes or failures and learn from each other at the same time.”

– Charles Antis, President, Antis Roofing & Waterproofing

Before Vistage
When Charles Antis founded Antis Roofing & Waterproofing 27 years ago, he entered the business world with minimal experience. While his passion to construction expertise and drive led to a successful launch, he knew he would have to make up for his lack of business training.

He sought an organization that would guide him on best practices and trends, especially in terms of company culture, but a few groups he tried didn’t work out. When he joined Vistage in 2010, he knew he’d found the right fit.

With Vistage
Charles’ Chair and peer advisory board brought to light concepts he never knew existed. For example, members informed him about earnings before interest, depreciation and amortization (EBIDA) — a key concept in running an effective business.

Members also motivated Charles to make the necessary changes to reach success in a changing labor marketplace. Not long into his membership, Charles learned of the benefits of catering to a millennial workforce from a Vistage speaker. With other members backing his ideas, he established a creative open office space with murals, ping pong tables and bicycles.

Charles’ efforts paid off: Antis Roofing & Waterproofing hired more millennials than Charles has seen in any other construction company.

During his first six years with Vistage, Charles saw tremendous growth. Antis Roofing & Waterproofing went from revenues of $3.5-4M to at least $12M in 2016.

Although a roofing business is somewhat dependent on rainy weather, Charles has maintained his company’s high level of enthusiasm for work throughout the drought in California, as well as kept all his community promises — one of which is to install every single Habitat for Humanity roof in Orange County for free.

Charles does not see himself as a fair-weather leader, which is why he values having a group of like-minded business leaders to hold him accountable and drive him to higher levels of success.