Member Success Story

Becky added business smarts to her culinary chops.

Meet Becky Sunseri

Employees: 20-49
Region: San Francisco
Industry: Food services

Success with Vistage

  • Expanded online and brick-and-mortar retail distribution
  • Opened new scoop shop location
  • Served ice cream at Super Bowl 50

“As a new business owner I was feeling this intense need for not only support, but also accountability, because I have a lot of people who rely on me. I also need to make sure that I’ve got some people in my corner that I feel like will be really honest with me and help with strategy.”

– Becky Sunseri,
CEO, Tin Pot Creamery

Before Vistage
Becky built Tin Pot Creamery on the strength of her culinary background — she was a pastry chef for Facebook — and lifelong passion for ice cream. Tin Pot Creamery started small in 2012 with the ice cream of the month club, quickly followed by storefronts in Palo Alto (2013) and Los Altos (2014), two cities in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

While her premium ice cream pleased taste buds, Becky struggled with accountability to her growing workforce and her increasingly complex financial and logistical decisions.

With Vistage
Becky found a mentor in her Vistage Chair. She says, “Every time I talk to him, I feel like I get something good that I can pass along. I feel like I’m a better leader and I’m more on top of my business. I’m doing things in a smarter way.”

With Vistage on her side, she felt more confident taking on even bigger projects, taking the right risks and meeting challenges head-on.

Tin Pot remains one of the Silicon Valley’s most beloved ice cream chains. Becky has expanded her retail and scoop shop business without sacrificing her product’s premium quality.

Her presence at Super Bowl 50 boosted Tin Pot’s reputation and accelerated their growth. Most importantly, she’s found the confidence to make good business decisions on behalf of her dedicated employees.