What if you nominated just one Chair candidate this year?

Think about the impact your Chair nomination can make in the community.

We appreciate your help in building our world-class Chair community.

Once you submit your nomination, a member of our Chair selection team will reach out to you to learn more about your referral.

Then we will then reach out to your referral to schedule time to talk & begin the journey.

Finally, we will continue to keep you updated on the progress of your referral.

Just One nomination commissions

$6,000 Launch first group
$4,000 Reach 12 members*
$10,000 TOTAL

* Within 12 months of launch date
**Nominations must be made by December 31, 2017.  

Click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions about Chair Nominations

Just One Chair commission structure overview
  • Nominations: Submit qualified Chair candidate nominations on the My Vistage My Nominations Page or the form on the right.
  • Completion of Chair Academy: Candidates are required to attend and complete the entire duration of Chair Academy which consists of four complete weeks of learning.
  • Approved to begin Group Build: Candidates who complete Chair Academy and are approved to commence the New Group Build process. Not all candidates who complete Chair Academy are approved to begin the New Group Build process.
  • Launch 1st Group: Candidates who launch their first group.
  • Max Commission: $10,000 per nominated Chair candidate.
  • Chair Resource Guide: Chair nominations must meet all eligibility guidelines stated in the Chair Resource Guide.
    See pages 27-29 under “Chair Candidate Nominations.”
  • Eligible Participants: Chairs, pending Chairs, and speakers.

Q What if I nominate more than one Chair?

A Each Chair nomination is eligible for the $10,000 commission. You will receive $6,000 per launch and an additional $4,000 for each of those launched groups that reach 12 members in the first 12 months.

Q Is there a deadline for how quickly my nominated Chair must launch their group?

A There is no deadline for your nominated Chair candidate to launch his or her group. Typically, new Chair candidates will be supported with a New Group Build effort for six months.

Q What if a nominated Chair launches but reaches 12 members after the first year?

A You will be eligible for the $6,000 launch commission but not the additional $4,000.

Q Is there any commission for a nomination that attends and/or graduates from the Academy training?

A With our continued focus on increasing both the success rate for launches as well as the desire to help Chairs fill their groups faster, we are shifting the commissions focus to reflect those objectives.

Who we are looking for:

We look for strong entrepreneurs who have the willingness and desire to invest time and energy to build a Chair practice.  This is a tremendously rewarding opportunity for an accomplished executive who wants to guide high integrity CEOs to improve themselves, their companies, and their communities.

Here are some additional details that we look for:

  • Former or transitioning President, CEO, COO, managing partner, principal, founder or owner, or senior executive with significant P&L responsibility.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit with fearless leadership skills.
  • Experience leading a high-performing team.
  • Part of a well-established business network within their community.
  • Ability to listen, probe, and challenge senior executives.

The best Chair candidates come from within the Vistage community.

  • Just one new Chair brings greater diversity and wider perspectives.
  • Just one new Chair brings passion and energy to the community.
  • Just one new Chair brings innovative ideas and new solutions.

What if every single Chair or Speaker submitted just one qualified Chair nomination a year?


Vistage works because of our Chairs.

Thank you so much for taking the time to tell us about your potential Chair candidate.

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