Networks Advisory Board Interest Form

Composition: Designated for each Network, the seven non-management members of the Vistage Network Advisory Board are selected by the management team and will include:

- Two current high-performing Chairs from the industry or interest group
- Two members from a CE, SB or Key group, active in the industry or interest group, in good standing, with a minimum tenure in Vistage of one year, with a recommendation from their Chair
- One active Vistage speaker with at least two years’ tenure as a Vistage speaker or as Chair/member and a minimum average rating of 4.25 who has expertise relevant to the industry or interest group
- One Chair or member in the industry or interest group from a partner organization (Vistage/TEC licensee or franchise)
- One founding sponsor representative (optional to sponsor).
- The Network Curator, with guidance from the Network Director, reserves the right to fill an additional Advisory Board consultation role, which may be appropriately filled by a Chair, partner, member, speaker or staff person, as would best serve the Network and its mission

Selection Process:Advisory board members will be selected from a pool of candidates who have expressed interest in serving and who meet the requirements of the position as stated. For member positions, eligibility is vetted through Chairs. For Chair positions, eligibility is vetted through the VP, Field Operations; the Regional Executive and the Best Practice Chair, if applicable. In addition to eligibility, several other factors including geographic diversity, Vistage tenure, company role, and relationship to the industry will be considered. When an open position on a standing board is being filled, the standing board will be given the opportunity to indicate any conflicts of interest with potential candidates.

Appointment:Inaugural Advisory Boards will be formed a minimum of one month prior to the launch of the new Network. An announcement will be made each October, stating open positions for the following term year (January through December) and requesting intent submissions from any interested parties. Appointments will be confirmed at least one month prior to the first meeting of the calendar year.

For more information about the responsibilities of the role, please review the Network Advisory Board Charter.

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