It's Time to Focus on a New Mission:

Helping Leaders Grow.

You possess a powerful combination of leadership, purpose, work ethic, and personal accountability. Now, you can bring those qualities you developed as an Officer to a new role. Vistage Chairs combine their leadership skills with a passion for business – helping CEOs, Sr. Executives, and Business Owners grow both personally and professionally.

As a Vistage Chair, your primary responsibility will be to challenge leaders to process pressing business issues and opportunities through private peer advisory groups and executive coaching sessions. You'll lead the discussion while holding members accountable for following through and taking action.

You have had the opportunity to provide leadership in service of your country; this is your opportunity to leverage the leadership you honed as a Military Officer and serve business leaders as a Vistage Chair.

We are looking for leaders who are:

  • Former senior Military Officers with significant leadership and business experience
  • Self-confident, with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Strategic and resourceful, with advanced business acumen
  • Able to connect with people and lead groups of high achievers
  • Passionate about helping others succeed

Are you ready to help leaders grow? To be considered as a Vistage Chair, please complete the application.


"The military is all about servant leadership. And that's what Chairing is about. It's about leadership in service of other people, of the group, of yourself, of your CEO members, in service of others."

Richard Carr
- West Point Class of 1964
- Recipient of 2 Silver Stars; 3 Bronze Stars for Valor
- With Vistage since 1993 as a member, Chair, and CEO

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