Vistage Member Excellence Awards

One of Vistage’s greatest strengths is the caliber of our members. Throughout their journey of leadership development, they routinely make impactful decisions and go above and beyond to support their groups, employees, families and communities.

Each Vistage market has the opportunity to recognize up to three outstanding members at their next Vistage Executive Summit with a local member award: the Vistage Leadership Award, Impact Award, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vistage Leadership Award

This award honors a member for their recent or ongoing achievement in leadership that benefit their companies, families and communities.

Impact Award

This award recognizes the remarkable development, achievement, and impact in members with 1-3 years tenure.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award honors the achievements and ongoing commitment to learning and development of a longstanding Vistage member.

Dallas/ Fort Worth

Steve Folsom
President, Folsom Properties, Inc.
Member since 2015
Vistage Leadership Award Winner

David Hicks
CEO, Home Vestors of America, Inc.
Member since 2016
Vistage Impact Award Winner

Bob Hendrickson
Executive Vice President, Republic National Distributing Company
Member since 2006
Lifetime Achievement Award Winner