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Lead the leaders of tomorrow.

A Vistage CEO Coach (Chair) is an executive mentor who guides top business leaders through their toughest turning points, so they can make great decisions that benefit their lives, companies and communities.

What is Vistage?

Private advisory groups made up of successful CEOs, executives and business owners who want to help members improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses.

Why Vistage?

You’ve led many teams through tough times, you kept things going and made them work better. And now you can use that knowledge and experience to help someone else.

Why You?

You have ideas to spare. You’ve faced down tough problems and come up with the right solutions. You want to help others— and you may even want some help yourself sometimes.

How does it work?

Simply fill out this form and, if you qualify, we’ll contact you about becoming a Vistage chair. You’ll be a part of a something that you can be proud of—and you’ll make a difference in the lives of young CEOs.

Ready to become a Vistage Chair?

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Previous or transitioning president, chairman of the board, CEO, COO, managing partner, principal, founder or owner
  • Managed a significant P&L
  • Experienced in leading a high-performing team
  • Have a large network of other executives
Your contact and business information will be used to fulfill this request and to share other Vistage services. See Vistage's Privacy Policy for details.

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What our Chairs say:

“Being a chair has been the most meaningful chapter in my book called LIFE. I have found out who I am, my passion, what motivates me and where I best serve my members and my community.”

Ed Stillman
Austin TX

“Lesson after Lesson in life. Community is what makes the difference. Building trust and helping one another over the years is nothing short of amazing.”

Patty Vogan
Orange County CA