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West Region Experience Vistage

Friday, March 25, 2022 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. PDT

Event Overview

Patrick Lencioni has published 12 best-selling books which have sold over 6 million copies. He has the unique ability to take difficult organizational health issues and provide practical, understandable, and implementable models that CEOs can leverage to create the ultimate competitive advantage. His “Teamwork Trifecta” which includes “The Ideal Team Player”, “The Six Types of Working Genius, and “The Five Dysfunction of a Team,” provides guidance on how to get the right people on your team, how to make sure that these right people are in the right roles, and how to obtain optimal performance from that team. Mark Olander is certified as a Working Genius Facilitator by Patrick Lencioni’s organization The Table Group.

During this one-hour session, participants will learn about the 6 Types of Working Geniuses and will review their own Working Genius assessment. As a demonstration of how this could work in your organization, the participants will be considered a functional team. This team’s assessment results will be analyzed to identify potential pitfalls and blind spots that could hinder the strategic and tactical results of that team.

Event Speakers

Mark Olander

Mark was one of the founders and CEO of TRI HoldCo, Inc. which is known for their subsidiaries TaxAudit and Centenal Tax Group. Each year, this organization’s 325 employees provide income tax audit defense to approximately 35,000 taxpayers and prepares over 4,000 tax returns. Their Audit Defense service offering has been included in the TurboTax program since 1998. Through an ESOP, this family of companies is 100% employee owned. Mark was able to transition his leadership to the next generation and retired at the end of 2020. Mark became a Vistage member in 2014 and attributes a great portion of his success to his leadership growth obtained through Vistage. He is now a Vistage Chair of the group that he was once a member of, and is fulfilled by the opportunity to give back to the community through Vistage.