Vistage Executive Summit hosted in Boston, MA

Explore the Future. Unleash Your Potential.
Do you have a plan in place to turn your vision for your company into reality?  Get the insight you need to ensure you’re positioned for success, both now and over the next pivotal 5 years, at the Vistage Executive Summit 2015 hosted in Boston. The day’s thought-provoking discussions and presentations will arm you with real-world tools to differentiate you as a leader and help you develop a clear road map to a successful business through 2020. You’ll get the tools needed to navigate with confidence rather than uncertainty over the tricky landscape of rapid change, and you’ll leave with actionable takeaways.
Fresh advice from buzzed-about experts over the course of the day will allow you to visualize how you want your company to progress and prosper. You’ll discover how to implement a high-bar strategy to create more sophisticated organizational values and develop weapons-grade branding. Network with business peers and further discuss the day’s takeaways over group meals and discussions. The Vistage Executive Summit 2015 in Boston is where you’ll want to be to discover how to unleash your company’s immediate and future potential and proceed with clarity and confidence.

Competitive Advantage: Will Novy’s presentation will show you how to become what he calls an “Ambassador of Clarity,” aligning you and your team behind a focused mission.

Courageous leadership: Pam Sherman’s presentation will demonstrate how to present yourself to the world and share your leadership stories in the best possible way.

Our economic future: Utilizing economic data from the Institute for Trend Research, Alan Beaulieu will present his forecasts of what the business community can expect in 2015 and beyond.