Vistage All City: Frankfort


Come network with other Kentucky area Vistage members and Chairs at this exclusive event featuring a presentation by Vistage speaker Alan Beaulieu. An afternoon speaker, special tour of the distillery, and a tasting will follow the morning keynote presentation.

Alan will clearly define what the leading indicators signify about the economy’s direction through the next year and what ITR Economics™ sees beyond that horizon. He will talk about the megatrends that will impact business decision-making without losing sight of the probability of a recession in the near term. You will walk away with:

  • Foresight into the direction of the business cycle
  • Management Objectives™ regarding what do to with this insight
  • A long-term perspective on global trend probabilities
  • Proactive sales training and development
  • An understanding of what is right in the economy besides what is wrong

Alan’s forecasting track record is such that not only will you be informed, but you will also feel confident in setting yourself and your company up for a successful future. This presentation is focused on business and investment issues; not esoteric discussions. Humor, balance, and more than two decades of listening to what business leaders need to know set Alan apart from the rest.

Alan is the CEO of ITR Economics, an author, chief economist for Vistage International. ITR provides economic forecasts with an astounding accuracy rate of 94.7%.



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