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Vistage CEO Climb: Selling at 90 Below Zero

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. PDT

Vistage CEO Climb: Selling at 90 Below Zero | Sales Strategies from the Best Performing Teams on Earth

“Selling at 90 Below Zero” focuses on just one thing: Making good sales happen.

In this free, virtual 90-minute event for high performing CEOs, you’ll learn from Antarctic Mike Pierce on how to create a specific action plan that you can take back to your company and put into play immediately in order to drive more of the right sales and revenue-producing activity.

Learn how to implement great planning, conditioning and consistent execution in difficult conditions based off the lessons of men who first conquered Antarctica.

Value to guests:

  • Showcasing yourself, your company and your offering in a way that stands out in a sea of similarity
  • Understanding how to ask questions that are relevant, difficult and zero in on exactly what the customer needs
  • Increasing your salespeople sense of discipline and confidence, increasing their staying power
  • Developing your salespeople ability stay focused on the task at hand despite the conditions being less than ideal
  • Mastering your salespeople ability to respond to change that comes quickly and create change when needed

Bottom line: Increase your salespeople’s effectiveness, measured in many ways.

About Vistage CEO Climb Events

Peak performers climb higher when they surround themselves with peers who’ve got their back.

Our CEO climb event is an exclusive monthly event for business leaders to take their companies — and their teams — to a whole new level of success. There is no charge or obligation — just a great opportunity to:

  • Join other business leaders around the country who are dedicated to elevating their company and leadership.
  • Participate in an engaging Q&A session.
  • Gain insight into what gives some of the world’s top-performing CEOs a tremendous competitive advantage.

Event Speakers

Antarctic Mike Pierce

Selling at 90 Below Zero

Based on his experience in the Antarctic, Mike will share specific things leaders can do to help their people want to be more engaged, helping them be more BOLD in what they do and how they do it every day. Mike will illustrate from Polar history stories the importance of showcasing your company’s opportunity, picking the right people for the expedition, and conditioning and rewarding them so that they have the ability and desire to complete the expedition. 

Aimee Daniels

As a Master Chair for Vistage Worldwide, Inc. since 2012, Aimee leads two CEO peer groups comprised of CEOs, C-level executives and senior leaders meeting monthly to advise each other in a completely objective forum. Previously she served as the Best Practice Chair for Vistage in Chicago, leading the group of others who do the same work she does.

In her work outside of Vistage, she is an advisor and coach to closely held business CEOs and leaders ranging in size from early stage to mid 9 figures in revenue. She also serves on the Advisory Boards of Antunes and Farragut Capital Partners. Previously, she served on the Board of Schaumburg Bank & Trust, a Wintrust Bank, and as an Advisory Board member for Digital Brandworks. Over the years, Aimee has served on a number of charitable and community organization boards including the Economic Club of DC, the Federal City Council, NVTC, ITA, IVCA, and Illinois State Technology Development Fund Board.


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Antarctic Mike Pierce - Selling at 90 Below Zero | Sales Strategies from the Best Performing Teams on Earth

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