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Vistage CEO Climb: Accelerating Strategic Evolution

Friday, May 28, 2021 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. PDT

Accelerating Strategic Evolution: The Genetics of Competitive Sales and Organizational Performance

When the organization functions effectively, the CEO has more fun, strategy executes, and the bottom-line improves. Yet most CEOs are frustrated with the level of results produced by their organization, or the politics, hidden agendas, and other dysfunctional behaviors sapping organizational vitality. This event offers a refreshing approach for cynical and jaded CEOs tired of flavor-of-the-month theories.

Based on his books, “The Code of the Executive” and “High Altitude Leadership”, Don Schmincke focuses this unique session on an issue personally dear to the CEO’s heart – how to increase revenues and lead extraordinary performance in their organization.

Value to guests:

  • What has driven superior results for centuries, and why it has been forgotten
  • Why strategic planning has such a high failure rate and how to fix it
  • How to build passion and focus for winning, faster strategic execution, and formidable organizational structures
  • Improved hiring methods
  • Higher-performance culture

This highly participative session addresses key executive issues with a special journey into ancient history and modern anthropology and genetic evolution to rediscover lost wisdom that has propelled organizations to success for thousands of years. Members leave with take-home, valued actions and a set of tools for the future.

About Vistage CEO Climb Events

Peak performers climb higher when they surround themselves with peers who’ve got their back.

Our CEO climb event is an exclusive monthly event for business leaders to take their companies — and their teams — to a whole new level of success. There is no charge or obligation — just a great opportunity to:

  • Join other business leaders around the country who are dedicated to elevating their company and leadership.
  • Participate in an engaging Q&A session.
  • Gain insight into what gives some of the world’s top-performing CEOs a tremendous competitive advantage.

Event Speakers

Don Schmincke

Don Schmincke's irreverent humor and unconventional methods provide audiences such a refreshing change to other status-quo topics that he's been called the world's "management renegade." His patent-pending offerings transcend typical programs with refreshing alternatives to trendy theories, unproven methods, and phony "experts." The industry agrees. Don's renowned books "The Code of the Executive" and "High Altitude Leadership," have been published in over 12 languages, endorsed by leading authorities, and recommended by top business schools. Don has been featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, MSNBC.com and more than 60 industry publications annually.

Lisa Rios, Master Chair

Ms. Rios has fulfilled leadership roles spanning over 20 years. She has led a variety of teams throughout her professional career in the agricultural, building products and economic development sectors. Ms. Rios also developed and managed a Building Products Holding company’s entire corporate international sales & marketing effort—representing several U.S. manufacturing companies in several countries; with combined total annual revenue of over $300 million. Ms. Rios also led and successfully launched an economic development division for the U.S. Department of Commerce Minority Business Enterprise Center. Her teams successfully facilitated multi-million dollar awarded transactions, receiving recognition for outstanding performance from the U.S. Department of Commerce.


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Don Schmincke - Accelerating Strategic Evolution: The Genetics of Competitive Sales and Organizational Performance

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