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Judgment and Decision-Making Traps for Leaders

Friday, January 27, 2023 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. PST

Judgment and Decision-Making Traps for Leaders

We are living in an era of extreme uncertainty. Systems that provide for our basic physiological, safety, and financial needs are breaking down. Economic challenges, fierce competition, and a global pandemic have heightened the need to respond quickly, leading to some hasty and ill-conceived decisions with devastating long-term consequences.

We simply cannot afford to rely solely on the old school of trial and error or hindsight. There is very little room for silly mistakes. What we need is better foresight. Letting our instincts blindly guide us can lead to some bad outcomes.

We have to seek out methods to accelerate our learning—reducing the time to insights and converting insights into effective outcomes. To achieve this, we must learn to minimize the gap between our intentions and our behaviors by cultivating counter-instinctive habits. The good news is that these are skills that can be mastered with a disciplined approach of reflecting on our assumptions, beliefs, conditioning, and drives.

This interactive CEO Climb Event by Krishna Pendyala offers an alternative to the inefficient trial and error method. He deconstructs one of life’s most overlooked and vital skills: the ability to exercise conscious judgment and make values-based choices at work, at home and everywhere in between.

Read any newspaper’s business section to find an example of a once top executive dealing with the consequences of poor judgment. The surprising part is that they may not have a clue how they ended up there. Every single day we have a mind-boggling number of opportunities to demonstrate our power to choose. However, in these moments we are not always exercising our judgment effectively or consciously.

Making wise choices, no matter how small, and exercising good judgment is the foundation for a productive and fulfilled life. After all, while the big decisions in life are important, it’s the small choices that impact the quality of our daily life. Krishna brings to light the subconscious choices we make every day that ultimately determine our overall level of success and happiness.

This Climb Event helps attendees practice how to approach each moment of choice in a state of calm alertness, clear focus, and measured performance. Krishna highlights the need for space to reflect and reach the highest level of decision-making where you can integrate instinct, intellect, insight and intuition to operate in “the zone.”

In this Climb Event, you will learn how to: 

  • Become more aware of your beliefs and conditioned habits
  • Better manage their impulsivity
  • Identify the invisible drivers of influence

Krishna offers a simple path to exercising judgment in real-time decision-making. He goes beyond the mechanical decision-making process, embracing the more intangible human element to greatly enrich the quality and sustainability of one’s choices.

Value to CEOs and Leaders:

  • The Climb Event will provide value to attendees at three levels — personal, professional and organizational —taking them on a fun journey of self-discovery from surviving to thriving.
  • Highlight blind-spots, helping them regain their power to make choices in the moment while minimizing the negative impact of snap judgment.
  • Cultivate simple habits to suspend judgment, monitor their instincts and cultivate counter-instinctive behavior

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Our CEO climb event is an exclusive monthly event for business leaders to take their companies — and their teams — to a whole new level of success. There is no charge or obligation — just a great opportunity to:

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Event Speakers

Krishna Pendyala

Krishna Pendyala is a “choice engineer” who focuses on human judgment. In 2016, he pioneered the Judgment Quotient or JQ®️—showcasing the third intelligence measure beyond IQ and EQ. He established the ChoiceLadder Institute, which is rooted at the intersection of four fields—decision psychology, neuroscience, systems thinking and behavioral economics—to help individuals enhance their real-time decision-making skills. He’s also the co-founder and president of the Mindful Nation Foundation, which empowers veterans, teachers, children, healthcare professionals, and leaders to live healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Pendyala is the author of “Beyond the PIG and the APE: Realizing Success and true Happiness.” He has been featured on TEDx, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Thrive Global, and Inc. magazine. He resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife and is the tough-loving father of two adult children.

Jay McDonald

With over 40 years of experience as an Atlanta business advisor, serial entrepreneur, CEO, and owner in multiple venues and industries, Jay McDonald has mastered the art of learning by “trial and error.” With a unique breadth of knowledge gained through decades of hands-on experience, Jay is recognized as a strategic visionary whose high energy, quick wit and straight talk combined with a passion for mentoring others allows him to help executives achieve better business results and enjoy more rewarding personal lives. As a Vistage Master Chair for five Atlanta groups, Jay shares his deep knowledge and personal experiences with business leaders looking to maximize their potential. As a results-oriented leader and proven executive leadership coach, he knows how to combine keen business strategies, common sense, and personal touch to build trust and authentic relationships with every client - helping them become better leaders, make better decisions and live happier lives.


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Krishna Pendyala, Judgement and Decision-Making Traps for Leaders

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