Thames Valley Vistage Open Day

Build on strengths and talents to increase self esteem and confidence in yourself and your colleagues (both within and without your team), raise your self-awareness and understand the impact you have on others.

Attendees will get to practice some high performance coaching processes that featured speaker Steve Head has been using for over 20 years with consistent success.

Participants will:

  • Realise the importance of mind set in terms of personal and business results.
  • Notice the power of self-talk i.e. its impact on self and others.
  • Learn the most powerful strategy for overcoming challenges, failure, etc.
  • Understand the science of confidence and how to accelerate into a confident state.
  • Know the one single critical factor that motivates individuals/teams.

Guests of Vistage will have the opportunity to attend a complimentary session to find out a little more about Vistage and experience for themselves the real power of being part of a peer group and Vistage group Meeting. This interactive session will be run by a Vistage Group Chairman.

Find out how joining a working group of MDs, senior executives and business owners will benefit you and your business. The hallmark of a Vistage group is something we call issue processing and it is a structured, thorough and efficient approach to help successful executives think through the dynamics of a challenge or evaluate opportunities.