North East Vistage Open Day

Learn to use techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) to develop your personal communication skills and see the principles in action for yourself.

Attendees will get to practise and experience the impact of excellent communication techniques first hand. Furthermore, they will understand and take away some simple but highly effective tools to use with their managers and workforce. They will be able to use these powerful techniques with a model that will help them develop their people in one-to-one sessions. This will be a practical workshop with participants coaching each other and receiving feedback on their coaching performance.

Participants will:

  • Be able to use transformational language. They will have greater conscious control of their vocabulary in order to convey positivity with integrity when they speak.
  • Have examined the power of voice tonality and practised techniques for using their own voice with greater impact.
  • Understand how to gauge rapport through observing mirroring in five key behavioural areas.
  • Be able to apply these successful strategies in all interactions with colleagues in order to achieve positive, motivation outcomes in challenging situations.

This hands-on workshop will leave you with some simple but highly effective tools to use with your managers and workforce.