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Your personal CEO network in Milwaukee.

Hosted in Milwaukee Wednesday, August 16, 2017 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. UTC+0

Milwaukee Executive Exchange

Join us for an exclusive event to experience first-hand how a TEC peer advisory group can help you make better decisions and achieve faster business growth. You’ll be sitting around the table with select business leaders from the greater Milwaukee area. This is a working session where we’ll tackle real business issues using our proprietary issue processing formula, to tap into the knowledge of the room generating new perspectives, ideas and solutions.

At the event, you’ll also have an opportunity to hear from speaker Eric Coryell on Creating and Leading Accountable Teams. Then join us for the afternoon, lunch will be provided, network with your fellow peers and enjoy the ballgame in a suite!

There is no cost to attend, but seating is limited!
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Experience TEC a Vistage Company

How often do you have the opportunity to sit around the table with your business peers- people who have been in your shoes and who have critical feedback and perspective to share?

TEC groups are purpose-built solely to help members improve the performance and outcomes of their businesses. They are often the only place CEOs and business owners have to turn for confidential, agenda-free business advice. TEC members have confidence in their decisions, are strong in the face of adversity and lead growing organizations.

Membership benefits include:

  • Full day meetings facilitated by a specially trained, experienced TEC Chair
  • Personal Coaching
  • Workshops led by Business Experts
  • Access to a global network of over 21,000 business leaders

Event Speakers

Eric Coryell

Creating and Leading Accountable Teams
Conventional wisdom says that teams outperform a group of individuals. Reality, however, has proven that this is the case only if the team is functional and accountable. The truth is that most teams, left to their own devices, are dysfunctional and therefore fail to meet our performance expectations. As a result many leaders and organizations get frustrated with teams and find themselves struggling to manage accountability in their organization. Content highlights include: 1) Four characteristics common to all highly functional teams and the one that gets them to become accountable, (2) Understanding of how fear of separation drives all individual behavior in a group setting and how to minimize fear of separation by learning to appropriately deal with real issues, (3) Sources of all real issues, (4) How to get your team out of "non-work" mode and stop bringing their problems to your doorstep, and (5) The secret to getting people to actually speak for themselves and how to build the trust levels necessary to make that possible.


Miller Park
1 Brewers Way
Milwaukee, WI