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Orange County 2024

Hosted in Costa Mesa Tuesday, September 17, 2024 7:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. PDT

Beyond Limits

Going above and beyond is ingrained in everything you do. You know it takes determination to push beyond conventional limits. Every day you navigate through uncertainty and respond to emerging challenges – pushing the boundaries of your leadership.

The Vistage Executive Summit is just one stop on your limitless journey to explore new horizons, embrace innovation and pursue ambitious goals. Breakthrough results happen when you redefine limitations and go beyond what you thought possible. Join like-minded peers who refuse to be confined to the well-worn path and unlock your full potential.

Break free from traditional thinking. Challenge the status quo. Propel your leadership to the next level.

Event Speakers

Lauren Saidel-Baker

Economist, ITR Economics

A Changing Landscape

Interest rates, inflation, labor, military conflicts, and a presidential election are on the minds of most leaders as they make plans for the rest of 2024 and prepare for 2025. Join us as we look at the trends for 2024, including a weakening economy, lower inflation, and a shift in consumer spending. We will take a look at key markets, both domestic and global. The presentation will give you valuable insights in time to develop tactics and strategies to beat the cycle and prepare for the business cycle rise ahead. Knowing what to watch for and the probable timing of the reversal to rise will give you confidence as you enact plans that enable you to get the most out of 2024 and 2025 while simultaneously getting ahead of your competitors.

Shaun Tomson

World Champion Surfer, Best Selling Author, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and Environmentalist

The Code for the Next Wave

Sometimes all you need to turn hope into action is to write your promises down and say them out loud—to make a promise to no one but yourself. The Code Method is an academically validated self-development program that inspires, uplifts and connects individuals and teams. It helps activate internal strength to combat despair and emotionally re-engages individuals through the power of purpose.

Built around 12 promises that individuals write and share, The Code is an effective tool to create a powerful, positive and purposeful attitude to navigate the uncertainty and turbulence of life. The power of writing-the power of affirming "I Will"- helps one see beyond today and set a course for a better tomorrow. The Code is about many things—faith, courage, commitment—but above all it is about the promises we make which ultimately define our life purpose and our path through uncertainty and turbulence towards success and fulfillment.

The only way to create positive change is through the choices we make and the decisions we take. The Code Method is designed to create a wave of commitment throughout an organization and illustrates how every one of us can reshape our lives through the power of “I Will.”


The Westin South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa

7:15 am
Event Opens

7:45 am
Breakfast Sessions with Industry Experts

Breakfast buffet served

  • Personalized Approach to Longevity: Advanced Testing and Lifestyle Interventions
  • Financial automation and the Office of the CFO
  • Uncovering the Truth: Self-Funding with a Captive
  • Build a Future-Ready Workforce
  • Eliminate Hiring & Management Mistakes; How Data Analytics Save Time & Money

  • 8:45 am

    9:00 am
    ITR Economics
    A deep dive into the economic forecast facing your market.

    10:35 am

    11:05 am
    Vistage Research & Networking

    12:00 pm
    Buffet lunch served in the Marketplace.

    12:30 pm
    Lunch Sessions with Industry Experts

    Lunch buffet served

  • The Nine Steps To a Much Longer Life with Robust Health
  • Actionable Strategies for Mastering Financial Optionality
  • B2B Marketing Revolution: Your Battle Plan
  • Build the Business You Actually Want
  • Building Predictable and Scalable Revenue
  • Elevate Your Brand: Proven Strategies for Billion-Dollar Growth

  • 1:30 pm

    1:40 pm
    Connection Activity

    2:10 pm
    Shaun Tomson, The Code for the Next Wave

    3:25 pm
    Community Reception
    Celebrate your community's Vistage Member Excellence Award winners and finalists and connect with fellow peers. Refreshments to be served in the Marketplace.

    4:00 pm
    Event Close

    *agenda subject to change

    Breakout sessions

    7:45 - 8:45 am

    Personalized Approach to Longevity: Advanced Testing and Lifestyle Interventions

    Presenter: Dr. Mike Stone, Senior Physician & Chief Education Officer | Wild Health


    1. Precision Health Diagnostics: Delve into advanced testing techniques that provide unique health insights, setting the stage for personalized longevity plans.

    2. Customized Lifestyle Plans: Discover how tailored interventions, designed from your specific health profile, can enhance your healthspan and optimize performance.

    3. Long-Term Vitality: Learn strategies to maintain peak health and performance, ensuring sustained resilience and optimal well-being in both professional and personal spheres.

    Topic:Personal Development: Wellness

    7:45 - 8:45 am

    Build a Future-Ready Workforce

    Presenter: Sarah Grimstead, Regional VP | Insperity



    In today’s landscape, a company’s path to success depends on the quality, adaptability, and resiliency of its people. Upskilling and reskilling your workforce is an important place to start. In this session, participants will learn:

    • Why upskilling and reskilling your workforce matters, and the benefits to your organization 

    • The employee attributes you should prioritize 

    • How to get started with upskilling and reskilling

    • What to watch out for

    Topic:Talent Management: Retention & Engagement

    7:45 - 8:45 am

    Financial automation and the Office of the CFO

    Presenter: Guy Cartwright, Advisor | Ramp

    • Data, technology, and AI within the Office of the CFO: how modernization can empower your Finance executives and drive informed financial decisions

    • Financial automation as a lever to unlock growth: best practices in finance ops automation to drive focus and efficiency in your Finance org

    • Capital allocation behind strategic initiatives: fintech infrastructure required to free up employees’ time for strategic work

    • Ramp Q2 Spending Benchmark Report: insights into what AI, finance, and collaboration tools businesses are investing in


    Topic:Financials: Financial Management

    7:45 - 8:45 am

    Uncovering the Truth: Self-Funding with a Captive

    Presenter: Rob Hamilton, Michael Schroeder & Sam Walters, EVP of Sales, Founder & President, Regional Practice Leader | Roundstone


    Are you tired of skyrocketing health insurance costs but unsure of alternative funding models? By exploring the benefits of self-funding with a captive, you'll learn how this approach can help lower costs and enhance employee health benefits. Gain insights into how self-funding provides greater control and transparency over your health plan, empowering you to make informed decisions. Join us in this educational session, as we explore the top 5 misconceptions about self-funding and how this model can be a strategic tool for achieving sustainable, long-term success in managing your healthcare costs.


    Topic:Business Operations: Risk Management

    7:45 - 8:45 am

    Eliminate Hiring & Management Mistakes; How Data Analytics Save Time & Money

    Presenter: Barry Shulman, Principal | Shulman Associates Search Services, Inc., Premier Certified Partner from PI



    Experts agree 90% of business problems are people problems. Do you have the right people in the right roles? How do you assess employees and candidates? Can you accurately define and articulate job specs for every role in your company? Do your managers have the tools to effectively create and manage teams for maximum performance, profitability, and ROI? How do you address over-and-under performers, conflict resolution, and communication? Can you quickly and effectively create winning teams and predict how they'll work together? In this breakout you’ll takeaway tools to easily optimize your talent.


    Topic:Leadership: Employee Development

    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    The Nine Steps To a Much Longer Life with Robust Health

    Presenter: John Asher, CEO | Asher Longevity Institute


    A happy, healthy and highly motivated team will contribute directly to robust business growth. In this session, participants will learn:

    • An integration of all current information about health, wellness and longevity.

    • The significant possibility of living to 112 with great health by following current guidelines from longevity experts integrated into a “longevity pyramid”

    • The average lifespan of US adults is 76 years, and the average health span is only 63 years. This presentation shows how to gain 23 years of lifespan and 37 years of health span.

    • Taking care of your team today contributes to greater success tomorrow.

    Topic:Personal Development: Wellness

    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    Actionable Strategies for Mastering Financial Optionality

    Presenter: Joseph St. Thomas, CFP®,CEPA,APMA® | Wealth Enhancement Group


    Does your financial plan deliver optionality? Do you have the freedom to walk away from your business without selling it? In this session, you’ll learn invaluable tools and strategies to optimize your financial plan, and steps to financial flexibility and freedom. Learn from the firsthand experience of a Vistage member who successfully created optionality in a 60-year-old family business using integrated tax, estate, and investment planning strategies.


    Topic:Financials: Financial Management

    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    B2B Marketing Revolution: Your Battle Plan

    Presenter: Lori Turner-Wilson & Jee Vahn Knight, CEO & VP | RedRover Sales and Marketing Strategy


    This intensive workshop unveils the proven, scientific 12 Battles™️ Framework for crafting powerful marketing strategies that deliver a surefire, predictable marketing ROI. Elevate your marketing team to perform at unprecedented levels giving them the conviction to stand behind their projections. Leave behind the trial-and-error approach that wastes precious resources; sculpt a fail-proof marketing machine capable of scaling.

    • Uncover powerful customer insights that impact your ability to generate predictable outcomes.

    • Dive into attribution modeling to make strategic decisions about your marketing investment.

    • Level up your team and agency to stand behind their marketing projections – tying their compensation to marketing ROI projections.

    Topic:Customer Engagement: Sales & Marketing

    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    Elevate Your Brand: Proven Strategies for Billion-Dollar Growth

    Presenter: Howard A. Lim, Business and Brand Architect | HOW CREATIVE

    Howard A. Lim, a Business and Brand Architect™, tailors his Vistage seminars for B2B, B2C, or hybrid audiences. With 37 years of experience, Mr. Lim uses evidence-based case studies to connect with members' goals and challenges. His presentations provide actionable insights to empower members to overcome obstacles and achieve business success. Key Takeaways

    1. Updating to a Relevant Business Model: Adapting strategies to align with current market trends.

    2. Brand Positioning and Identity: Establishing a unique market identity and dominating the competition.

    3. Understand how a powerful brand can open new revenue streams and facilitate business expansion.

    Topic:Customer Engagement: Marketing

    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    Build the Business You Actually Want

    Presenter: Justin McCorkle, Business Coach & Advisor | System & Soul

    You built a business in order to pursue freedom, but has it become a prison? In this breakout session, we will explore how to build a business and leadership team that allows you to achieve the freedom you want, improve the lives of others, and leave a legacy you are proud of. By learning to go beyond limits, you can unlock new possibilities for growth and success, transforming your business into a vehicle for personal and professional fulfillment. Every attendee will receive a copy of the recently released book: Renegades: Break Rules. Find Freedom.

    Topic:Business Operations: Productivity & Execution

    12:30 - 1:30 PM

    Building Predictable and Scalable Revenue

    Presenter: Pranav Dalal, Chairman & Founder | Flowz

    • Disruption in various industries

    • The best methods to test the strength of your unique selling proposition Out-of-the-box channels to focus lead-generation efforts on

    • Discussion of innovative marketing ‘hooks’


    Topic:Customer Engagement: Market Development



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