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Philadelphia 2023

Hosted in King of Prussia Wednesday, May 17, 2023 7:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. EDT

Event Overview

Experience the entrepreneurial energy of thought leaders all in one room.

The Vistage Executive Summit has been crafted to inspire your leadership, equip you with latest findings in research, future-proof your business with economic insights, and most importantly, build connection with the powerful leaders in your community.

  • ITR Economics brings the economic landscape into view and helps leaders navigate the uncertainties ahead.
  • Vistage Research shares findings from the CEO Confidence Index to help leaders make better decisions quicker.
  • Leadership keynote will wrap up the day on an inspiring and thoughtful note. More details coming soon.
  • Thought leaders present breakout sessions on top-of-mind topics with fresh perspectives.

As a Vistage member, enjoy world-class leadership content and the opportunity to meet new faces in your community. Your insight and impact will make the day even more valuable!

The Member Excellence Awards program will celebrate incredible member stories in your community. Winners and finalists will be showcased at the Executive Summit. Learn more and nominate a member today!

Get ready for the day by downloading the My Vistage app and logging in. Expect to access speaker materials and more resources through the app on the day of the event.

Available for Vistage members only.

Event Speakers

Connor Lokar

Speaker and Senior Forecaster, ITR Economics

A Changing Landscape

The economic landscape will be changing in 2023, especially later in the year. Aggressive action by the Federal Reserve Board has also changed our outlook for 2024. We will discuss which segments will be impacted and others that will be more immune to interest rate and other pressures. We will also discuss how attendees can best prepare for the challenges and ongoing uncertainties, and we will offer business strategies and tactics that will allow for maximum profit potential given the economic landscape. We will also:

  • Analyze the Federal Reserve Board’s actions and impact on the economy.
  • Talk through key areas of disinflation and deflation.
  • Discuss varying opportunities in key markets.
  • Cover global trends and their impact on member businesses and on the US economy.
  • Analyze labor market conditions over the next several years.
  • Present an overview of the economic landscape through the rest of the decade.
  • And more!

Michael Rogers

Columnist and Practical Futurist

The Decade Ahead: Technology That Will Shape The Workplace

The pandemic pushed us five years into the future: work from home, the decline of bricks-and-mortar retail, managing remote workers. Over the next decade, even more management challenges will involve the Internet, intelligent computers and the Internet of Things. New technologies—smart glasses, generative AI (ChatGPT), highly capable robots—will flood the workplace by decade’s end.

Software and robots can now learn from experience and then reason and act upon information--often coming up with insights that humans might not reach. Because they are cloud-based, these powerful thinking tools are accessible even to small organizations and individuals.

The result will be new efficiencies and surprising new intelligent services that will change the nature of work, and challenge us to identify what skills are uniquely human.

Joe Galvin

Chief Research Officer, Vistage Worldwide, Inc.

Managing Workforce Velocity: Attention to Employee Retention

Workforce velocity will continue to plague CEOs as accelerating quit rates, rising wages and unprecedented transparency to new opportunities lure workers to greener pastures. Retaining skilled, experienced workers that align with your culture demands a focused strategy on the key elements of employee retention. Managing workforce velocity will increase the ability for small and midsize business to operate at full capacity, meet customer demand and scale for the future.


Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel

7:15 a.m.
Registration opens

7:45 a.m.
Breakfast Sessions

Breakfast buffet served

  • Your Results-Guaranteed B2B Marketing Plan
  • Transforming Your Business Through Intelligent Process Automation

9 a.m.
General Session | Connor Lokar, A Changing Landscape

10:35 a.m.
Marketplace | Break

11:00 a.m.
General Session | Connection Activity

11:40 a.m.
General Session | Joe Galvin, Managing Workforce Velocity: Attention to Employee Retention

12:40 p.m.
Lunch Sessions

Lunch buffet served

  • Is Your Company Investment Grade? 12 Key Factors to Attract an Outsized Valuation
  • A Framework for Monetizing Your Business and Delivering Generational Success
  • CEO's Candid Guide to Right People, Right Job, Right Fit To Scale the Business

1:50 p.m.
General Session | Michael, Rogers, The Decade Ahead: Technology That Will Shape The Workplace

3:25 p.m.

Celebrate your community's Vistage Member Excellence Award winners and finalists and connect with fellow peers.

*agenda subject to change

Breakout sessions

7:45 - 8:45 a.m.

Breakfast Session | Your Results-Guaranteed B2B Marketing Plan

Presenter: Jee Vahn Knight, Vice President of Growth, RedRover Sales & Marketing Strategy

In this workshop, learn the proven process for developing a measurable B2B marketing plan with predictable returns, driving sustainable growth for your business. By the end of this session, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the six building blocks of a results-guaranteed marketing plan.
  • Identify the existing gaps in your current strategy development process
  • Use the GO RISE framework to vet your own plans
Topic: Customer Engagement: Sales & Marketing

7:45 - 8:45 a.m.

Breakfast Session | Transforming Your Business Through Intelligent Process Automation

Presenter: Mark Shivers, Founder & CEO, Ignite IPA; Manny Velazquez, Head of Strategy and Architecture, Ignite IPA

Are you worried about hiring/retaining staff? Are you nervous about inflation or a potential recession/depression? Are you looking to grow your business but are concerned about the increased costs? Leveraging automation can help companies of all sizes support their corporate strategy and achieve high ROI by reducing expenses, avoiding costs, accelerating revenue, and creating more efficient business processes. In this session you will learn about intelligent process automation technologies, and how other companies have leveraged them to achieve higher margins. Opt-in-participants will receive a complimentary opportunity identification assessment focused on creating a quantifiable pipeline of value-based automation opportunities.

Topic: Business Operations: Technology

12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch Session | Is Your Company Investment Grade? 12 Key Factors to Attract an Outsized Valuation

Presenter: Zane Tarence, Managing Director and Partner, Founders Advisors, Vistage Speaker

Given today’s dynamic M&A climate, business owners need a candid market perspective on what drives enterprise value. Join us to learn:
  • What it takes to attract an outsized valuation from institutional grade buyers
  • A 20 minute market based approach to assess your company’s “investability”
  • Top 5 deal breakers and seller missteps
  • How to better align operational focus with value creation
Topic: Financials: Mergers & Acquisitions

12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch Session | A Framework for Monetizing Your Business and Delivering Generational Success

Presenter: Executives from UBS

As a business owner, you are hyper-focused on the day-to-day responsibilities of running your business, but often times, never take the opportunity to take a step back and ask: What’s Next? We’ll bring expert insights on: Personal Planning, Business Planning, and Life Planning before the sale of your business.

Topic: Personal Development: Exit & Succession Planning

12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch Session | CEO's Candid Guide to Right People, Right Job, Right Fit To Scale the Business

Presenter: Advisors from Culture Index

Join the Culture Index team to reveal the true fit of your executive team and leaders- who is in the right seat and who is not? Do you have the right team in place to scale your business? Not getting the top and bottom line growth by not hiring and obtaining the right team? In this session, you will be prepped to utilize data to make more objective human decisions in securing the right talent in order to drive sustainable growth. Walk away with new insights, tips, and practices to implement into your business and better align your people.

Topic:Leadership: Communication & Alignment



Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel
480 North Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA