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2018 San Antonio Vistage Executive Summit

Hosted in San Antonio Wednesday, April 11, 2018 7:30 a.m. - 1:50 p.m. CST

Driving Dynamic Decisions

Executives are in the business of making decisions. Game-changing decisions. Make-or-break decisions. Decisions no one else can make.


You can’t see into the future. But you can improve your ability to make more effective decisions.

What is the Vistage Executive Summit?

A powerful event designed entirely for executives. Dynamic expert speakers leave you with insights to expand your perspectives, refine your instincts and improve your judgment – all of which will help you make better decisions. Peer-to-peer interactive breakout sessions will explore how to approach current challenges to uncover opportunities.

Attend the Vistage Executive Summit to:

  • Optimize your business. Uncover new opportunities using fresh perspectives from trusted experts.
  • Enhance your leadership. Sharpen your focus on the areas of greatest opportunity.
  • Lead with innovation. Bring a higher level of creativity and problem solving skills to your organization.


Event Speakers

Alex Chausovsky

Senior Analyst, ITR Economics

Navigating the crest: Acute insights for improved decision-making

Alex Chausovsky’s fast-paced, information-filled presentation takes decision-making to three tiers of next level. 1. Respond effectively to the economic trends shaping San Antonio. 2. Get informed to problem-solve proactively as changes loom for the United States. 3. Feel confident to make leadership decisions as a player on the global stage. Learn what you should be doing now, to plan for good and bad economic times to come, as you leverage dynamic decision-making to be better equipped to lead your business into 2020 and beyond.



La Cantera Resort & Spa

7:30 AM
Registration | Breakfast

8:00 - 9:00 AM
*NEW for 2018* Breakfast Breakouts Wholesale and Retail Network | Technology Network and Marketing and Media Network | JDSM

9:30 AM
General Session begins

9:40 - 10:10 AM
Joe Galvin CEO Projections for 2018

10:10 – 10:40 AM

10:40 - 12:10 PM
Alex Chausovsky Navigating the crest: Acute insights for improved decision-making

12:10 - 12:35 PM
Networking activity | Summary Remarks Activity with Personal Action Summary

12:35 - 1:50 PM
Lunch Breakouts Kinsey Management | US Trust

Breakout sessions

8:00 - 9:00 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Wholesale and Retail Network

Industry trends reveal, growth opportunities exist — for those open to new ideas for creating more customer-centric experiences. Join like-minded wholesale and retail leaders from around the region who understand the ins and outs of the business. Make valuable new connections and share insights. Breakfast provided. All attendees welcome. Join the Wholesale and Retail Network.

8:00 - 9:00 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Technology Network and Marketing and Media Network

Has there ever been a more exciting time to work in tech or marketing? Things are changing every day — and it’s critical to have a finger on the pulse. Join us to meet and connect with other regional tech and marketing/media leaders. Forge new relationships and share perspectives and experiences around what’s now and what’s next. Breakfast provided. All attendees welcome. Join the Technology Network or Join the Marketing and Media Network.

8:00 - 9:00 AM

Breakfast Breakout | Are you Running Your Business or is It Running You? Get More from your Business!

Presenter: Don Maranca, Certified EOS Implementer, JDSM – Developing Healthy Businesses

Even the most successful entrepreneurs occasionally find running a business more challenging than they expected. Many work longer hours and get less return on their investment than they would like. They regularly grapple with one or more of these challenges:
  • Lack of control, not gaining traction
  • People issues
  • Not enough profit, or can’t get to the next level
If these problems seem all too familiar, you’re not alone. It doesn’t have to be that way. In this dynamic presentation, Don will introduce you to the Six Key Components™ of successful businesses to help your team simplify, clarify and achieve your vision through simple and practical tools.

12:35 - 1:50 PM

Lunch Breakout | The Envelope: Bringing it all together: strategy, succession and you

Presenter: Executives from U.S. Trust

Your business represents years of sweat and sacrifice. Not only does the business provide the financial resources to support your family, but also, it supports your employees and their families, and it contributes to the stability and growth of your community. How would your company continue to operate if a personal health issue or untimely accident occurs and prevents you from leading the company? What actions would your management team and family need to take to successfully transition leadership of the company? In this session you will:
  • Learn actions you can take to address the issue of a possible leadership gap which also represent strong business practices to help your company always be prepared for a transition.
  • Discover focus areas to consider as you develop a plan and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Hear examples of how other business owners have dealt with these issues.

12:35 - 1:50 PM

Lunch Breakout | Transcendent Hiring

Presenter: Executive from Kinsey Management

As a leader, the single most important job you have is getting the right people into the right roles. Yet according to research, 46% of all new hires fail in the first 18 months. In this session, we unpack some of the reasons why we’re so bad at hiring. But more importantly, we’ll give you new ways to think about hiring and actionable ways to drastically improve your game when it comes to finding, assessing and closing the candidates that will allow your business to thrive.



La Cantera Resort & Spa
16641 La Cantera Pkwy
San Antonio, TX
Executives are in the business of making decisions.